Ji Chang Wook‘s agency, Spring Company, addressed the controversy surrounding the actor’s indoor smoking incident with a formal apology. The incident occurred during the filming of his recent drama “Welcome to Samdalri,” where footage captured him using an electronic cigarette indoors.

Spring Company Issues Official Apology Regarding Jing Chang Wook Indoor Smoking Incident

The release of the behind-the-scenes video showcasing Ji Chang Wook smoking indoors sparked public outcry due to the illegality of smoking or vaping in public spaces in South Korea, except for designated smoking areas. Consequently, the “Welcome to Samdalri” production team removed the scene from the video in response to the controversy.

In their statement issued on February 11, Spring Company expressed regret over the incident and extended their sincere apologies to the public and fans of Ji Chang Wook. They also acknowledged the seriousness of the matter and emphasized that they take full responsibility for the actor’s actions.

“Actor Ji Chang Wook also recognizes that his behavior was improper, and he feels sorry for disappointing many people. Once again, we deeply apologize to those who watched the content, along with the staff on set, the rest of the cast, and the viewers who gave their love to the drama.”

Furthermore, Spring Company assured that they would take steps to ensure such incidents do not recur in the future. They also pledged to reinforce their monitoring and management protocols to uphold legal and ethical standards, both on and offset. Additionally, they promised to provide thorough guidance and education to Ji Chang Wook regarding his public conduct to prevent any similar controversies.

The agency concluded their statement by expressing their gratitude to fans for their ongoing support and understanding. They reiterated their commitment to maintaining Ji Chang Wook’s positive image and reputation as an actor, acknowledging the importance of responsible behavior in the public eye.

Overall, Spring Company’s apology reflects their acknowledgment of the seriousness of the situation and their commitment to addressing it responsibly. They have taken proactive measures to rectify the issue and prevent future occurrences, reaffirming their dedication to Ji Chang Wook’s career and public image.