Lee Seo Jin is parting ways with his long-time agency. The “Jinny’s Kitchen” star has decided not to renew his contract with Hook Entertainment. It’s a surprising decision considering that Lee had been represented by the company for the past nine years.

Hook Entertainment Reveals Lee Seo Jin’s Decision on Contract Renewal

On September 28, Hook Entertainment issued a statement regarding Lee Seo Jin’s decision.

“Hook Entertainment’s contract with actor Lee Seo Jin will come to an end at the end of September,” the statement read. “We would like to sincerely thank Lee Seo Jin for being with us for such a long time, and we hope to always cheer him on in our hearts.”

Lee Seo Jin, who made his debut in the 1999 drama “A House on the Wave”, has also earned a special place in viewers’ hearts as the embodiment of variety PD Na Young Suk’s vision. He recently gained popularity in “Jinny’s Kitchen” for managing a restaurant that also employed Park Seo Joon, Jung Yoo Mi, Choi Woo Sik, and BTS’ V.

In contrast, Hook Entertainment recently found itself entangled in a widely publicized contract dispute with singer Lee Seung Gi in November 2022. The dispute revolved around allegations of deceiving Lee Seung Gi for 18 years regarding his earnings as a singer. Subsequently, actress Youn Yeo Jung also decided to part ways with the label.

The controversy surrounding the contract dispute has had a significant impact on Hook Entertainment’s reputation and relationships with its artists. Lee Seo Jin’s decision to leave the agency may be viewed as another significant development within the context of these recent events.

Lee Seo Jin’s departure from Hook Entertainment marks a new chapter in his career, and fans are eager to see where his journey will lead him next, especially given his strong association with PD Na Young Suk’s variety programs.

In related news, the cast of “Jinny’s Kitchen” have also been confirmed to reunite for a spin-off series “The Communication Caterers”.