Renowned South Korean actress Song Hye Kyo opened up about experiencing career burnout. Thankfully, the hit revenge series The Glory has helped bring back her love for craft.

In an interview with the news outlet Sports Chosun, Hye Kyo mentioned that prior to her appearance in the drama, she reached a point where she got tired of doing the same roles that she did not enjoy the craft anymore.


“Acting was always fun, challenging, and difficult… But at some point, I felt a bit tired because I wasn’t doing various productions,” the actress shared.

Additionally, Hye Kyo also shared her belief that people’s perception towards her acting has changed since her role in The Glory.

“I was always shown the same way. And I thought people would think I’m boring because even I felt like I was boring,” she disclosed. However, this changed after taking part in the thriller drama.

In the critically-acclaimed series, Hye Kyo played the role of Moon Dong-Eun, a school violence victim who meticulously plotted her vengeance towards her perpetrators.

Despite the challenging role, Hye Kyo bagged the Grand Prize at the 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards for her outstanding performance.

Actress Song Hye Kyo throughout the years

In 1996, the then-14-year-old Song Hye Kyo entered the world of entertainment as she won a modeling contest. In the same year, Hye Kyo made her acting debut with a small role in the drama First Love.

Four years later, the actress rose to fame when she starred as the lead actress in the popular drama series Autumn in My Heart.

Since then, her career continued to prosper thanks to her appearance in numerous television dramas and films. Some of her notable works include My Girl and I in 2005, Hwang Jin Yi in 2007, and The Grandmaster in 2013. There, she worked with esteemed Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai.

Marking her 20th year in the industry in 2016, the actress made a triumphant TV comeback with the hit drama Descendants of the Sun. Said drama bagged the Grand Prize in the prestigious Baek Sang TV Awards ceremony, while Hye Kyo took home the Most Popular Actress award.

Ultimately, the success of The Glory also opened up more opportunities for the veteran actress. “The roles I received afterwards have become more diverse than before,” she said.

With the abundant offers coming her way, the actress expressed her desire to try on genres she hasn’t done yet in the past. “I want to try horror, thriller, and I also want to play a villain role,” she said, “Comedy is good. I want to appear in a rom-com too.” Hye Kyo added.

Featured image: Song Hye Kyo shares behind-the-scenes from ‘The Glory’ filming. Credit: Instagram/Song Hye Kyo