K-pop is no stranger to rumors, and BTS, one of the genre’s most prominent groups, is often at the center of various speculations. On September 30, Weibo, a popular Chinese social media platform, was abuzz with a video that many claimed featured BTSJungkook with an unidentified woman. The video’s uploader went further, suggesting the woman might be pregnant. In what looks like an upscale apartment in Brunnen Cheongdam, the footage shows a man resembling Jungkook being intimate with a young woman.

The video led to a flurry of reactions from fans and netizens alike. Some dismissed the video, attributing the man’s resemblance to mere coincidence. After careful scrutiny, others believed it was the beloved BTS member. Their conviction was bolstered by certain elements in the video, such as furniture that eerily matched those seen in Jungkook‘s live broadcasts. A sofa, a lamp, and a Doberman resembling Jungkook’s beloved Bam were among the similarities.

But the rumor mill didn’t stop at Weibo. The video quickly migrated to Twitter, where it amassed a staggering 13 million views in a short span. Amidst the chaos and speculations, the ARMY, BTS’ dedicated fandom, showcased their unwavering support for Jungkook. Many took it upon themselves to dissect the video, searching for inconsistencies. Their findings? The video was likely not genuine. They pointed out the video’s questionable quality and raised doubts about the authenticity of the house setup, suggesting it might have been staged by detractors aiming to tarnish Jungkook‘s reputation.


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Jungkook faced a barrage of questions

Jungkook is no stranger to rumors. Earlier this year, whispers circulating online suggested he was dating a woman from Jeju Island. However, eagle-eyed fans quickly debunked them. In previous years, he was linked to celebrities like Lee Yubi and even a tattoo artist, but these claims were laid to rest without evidence.

Yesterday, Jungkook went live on Stationhead for the second time in as many days to address the issue. Faced with a barrage of questions about the video and his relationship status, he responded with clarity and poise. He emphasized his single status and expressed appreciation for the ARMY, highlighting their unique bond. He urged netizens to respect his privacy and refrain from baseless speculations.

On a brighter note, Jungkook recently released 3D: The Remixes, an album featuring four remixes of his hit track “3D (feat. Jack Harlow).” This album has garnered significant attention, with fans worldwide streaming all four tracks. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: Jungkook posted another selca on Weverse while he was on Stationhead. Source: X/@JJK_Times.