Kai is officially enlisting for military service. The EXO main dancer is preparing for military enlistment later this month. The announcement was a huge surprise even for Kim Jongin who tearfully revealed he had upcoming plans for EXO-Ls.

SM Entertainment Announces Kai’s Surprise Military Enlistment

SM Entertainment issued a statement confirming Kai’s military enlistment next week.

“Although Kai had been preparing for EXO’s comeback later this year, due to recent changes in the law regarding military enlistment, Kai will be enlisting on May 11 to complete his basic training, after which he will begin working as a social worker,” the statement reads.

“To respect Kai’s wishes to quietly enlist, we are not revealing the place and time at which he will enlist,” it continues. “We also ask that fans understand that any scheduled events on that day will be cancelled.”

The announcement is a huge surprise for fans since EXO will have a comeback later in the year. The comeback would be the first one with all members following Baekhyun’s military discharge in February 2023.

Kai Tears Up While Comforting Fans About Military Enlistment

Kai did not expect the news, either. He immediately went live after his agency made the announcement. During the broadcast, Kim Jong-in shed tears as he said, “I’m going to the military.”

He then explained he is not upset about serving his country. Instead, Kai revealed he was sad because he had huge plans for EXO’s comeback. He admitted to being excited about showing his plans to EXO-Ls.

There’s so much that I had prepared. What a pity. That’s what’s upsetting. There’s nothing that I could do about this. I’m sad that I can’t show you what I prepared but I can just show it after I return,” Kai said.

He also confessed that he would miss his fans when he goes to the military.

“It’d be nice if I could see your faces before I go. I think I’m going to miss you so much. I’m already missing you right now though,” Kai admitted. However, he assured EXO-Ls he will feel better about his situation soon.

“Today is the first day of me finding out about it as well, so please be understanding. I’ll smile from tomorrow onwards,” Kim Jong-in said.

Kai will begin his military enlistment on May 11, 2023.