Lee Chae Yeon is gearing up for her next comeback. The soloist has dropped the first teaser for her new album. In addition to that, Chaeyeon revealed the schedule for her return in September.

Lee Chae Yeon Unveils Teasers For Upcoming Single Album

On August 22, WM Entertainment unveiled a teaser image heralding the return of Lee Chae Yeon with her first single album, “The Move: Street.”

The teaser image intriguingly spotlights Lee Chae Yeon’s feet, artfully clad in a striking combination of footwear. On one foot, sneakers make their bold statement, while on the other, delicate ballet shoes exude an altogether contrasting charm. This striking juxtaposition crafts a captivating and distinctive ambiance, setting the stage for her highly-anticipated comeback.

In addition, Lee Chae Yeon has officially revealed the teaser schedule chart for “The Move: Street.”

The insightful chart outlines an exciting journey for fans, commencing on August 24. As the countdown unfolds, Lee Chae Yeon promises a series of captivating teaser releases. The upcoming teasers will include a highlight medley, action poster, music video teaser, and a host of additional intriguing content that promises to give fans a sneak peek into what they can expect from her upcoming album.

With each scheduled release, the anticipation for Lee Chae Yeon’s return continues to grow, as fans eagerly await the unveiling of the diverse facets of “The Move: Street.” This teaser schedule chart sets the stage for an exciting and immersive experience for fans in the lead-up to her highly awaited comeback.

Lee Chae Yeon debuted as a member of the South Korean–Japanese girl group Iz*One and secured her spot by finishing 12th on Mnet’s competitive girl group series, “Produce 48”. She later transitioned into her solo career with the release of the extended play “Hush Rush” on October 12, 2022. Since her journey with Iz*One, Chaeyeon has blossomed into a solo artist, marking her presence in the K-pop scene with her remarkable talent and artistry.

“The Move: Street” will be released on September 6, 2023.