The enduring romance between actor Lee Jong Suk and vocalist IU continues to capture the hearts of fans, with the couple making headlines once again for their affectionate display of support at IU’s 2024 H.E.R. World Tour in Seoul. Lee Jong Suk proved that he is always the supportive boyfriend to the soloist.

Lee Jong Suk Proves Supportive Boyfriend Fame at IU Concert

On March 2, 2024, concert attendees at the KSPO DOME venue delighted fans by sharing snapshots of Lee Jong Suk alongside his actor friend Shin Jae Ha, showcasing their attendance at IU’s opening concert. Lee Jong Suk’s presence earned him the endearing title of the most “supportive boyfriend,” as he stood by IU’s side for this milestone event, marking the beginning of her first world tour to include performances in the United States.

This demonstration of unwavering support is not unfamiliar territory for Lee Jong Suk, who has previously made headlines for his steadfast commitment to IU.

A Lasting Relationship

Last year, he made headlines for attending her concert, solidifying his reputation as a devoted partner. IU herself has acknowledged Lee Jong Suk’s presence during her performances, emphasizing the significance of his support.

In a candid interview, IU addressed the public’s fascination with her relationship with Lee Jong Suk, expressing surprise at the level of interest. She clarified that Lee Jong Suk’s presence at her concert, adorned in IU merchandise, was not a special gesture but rather a reflection of the items distributed to all concert attendees.

Reflecting on the attention surrounding their relationship, IU expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from fans and emphasized the importance of nurturing their romance in a private, low-key manner. She acknowledged the significance of quietly maintaining their relationship while cherishing the love and encouragement from fans.

As IU and Lee Jong Suk continue to navigate their relationship amidst public scrutiny, their steadfast commitment to each other and mutual support serve as a testament to the strength of their bond. With fans cheering them on every step of the way, the couple’s enduring love story remains an inspiration to many.