The postponement of Lucas’ upcoming Hong Kong fan-con comes as a disappointment to fans eagerly anticipating the event.

Lucas Postpones Hong Kong Fan-Con Ahead of Solo Debut

APlanet Entertainment’s announcement of the rescheduling without specifying a new date has left many fans wondering about the reasons behind the decision and when they can expect the event to take place.

“We know that you were all excited for this event but after a careful internal discussion, we have decided to move to a later date the scheduled fan-con so as to deliver an enjoyable and satisfying experience for all the fans,” the statement read. “We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and we assure you that this decision was made in the best interest of delivering a high-quality performance.”

Originally slated to kick off his fan-con tour of Asia in Hong Kong on April 13, Lucas had plans to engage with fans in Jakarta, Taipei, and Manila in the following months. However, the unforeseen change in schedule has disrupted these plans, leaving fans in other cities uncertain about the status of their respective events.

Despite the setback with the fan-con, Lucas is gearing up for his solo debut with “Renegade” on April 1 at 6 p.m. KST. This highly anticipated release marks an important milestone in his career as he ventures into the realm of solo music following his departure from NCT.

Fans have expressed both understanding and disappointment regarding the postponement, with many expressing their hope for a swift resolution and the announcement of a new date for the fan-con. In the meantime, anticipation continues to build for Lucas’ solo debut, with fans eagerly awaiting the release of “Renegade” and supporting him in this new chapter of his musical journey.

As the situation develops, fans remain hopeful for updates regarding the rescheduled date of Lucas’ fan-con in Hong Kong and look forward to the opportunity to celebrate with him in person.