Hyungwon is officially enlisting for mandatory military service and the MONSTA X member shared his preparation for his enlistment. For starters, Chae Hyungwon posted photos of how he got his head shaved by Shownu along with images of the rest of the group sending him off to the military.

Hyungwon Gets Head Shaved by MONSTA X Leader Shownu

The official MONSTA X Twitter account shared new photos of Hyungwon getting his head shaved by group leader Shownu. In addition to that, the account posted images of Hyungwon with Shownu and group maknae I.M. as they sent him off for military service.

“As always, I’ll work hard and stay healthy,” Hyungwon wrote. “I’ll do well and when I return, I’ll be strong and reliable enough to block the wind easily. Let’s greet each other warmly when that time comes.”

Hyungwon previously announced his military enlistment back in October. The MONSTA X member wrote a heartfelt letter to MONBEBEs confirming his enlistment.

“I think I’m more worried of monbebe,” he wrote. “You are always worried of me when the wind blows but once I come back, my goal is to be strong and healthy so I am able to block the wind blowing at Monbebe what I want to say thank you since you have made me grew so much that I can go through this time apart healthily.”

Thank you and I love you so much. I’m gonna be the person who’s able to return more of your love once I come back. So monbebe cant be sick and need to be healthy, right? I really hope so. Ah and I will be out on May 13th,” he continued.

Hyungwon is the fifth member of MONSTA X to enlist for military service. Joohoney and Kihyun had both enlisted for mandatory military service earlier this year.