MONSTA X is sending yet another member to the military. Yoo Kihyun has confirmed that he is enlisting for military service today. In preparation, the group’s main vocalist shared new images of himself with his new haircut. In addition to that, Yoo had a heartfelt message for MONBEBEs ahead of his military enlistment.

MONSTA X’s Kihyun Prepares For Military Service

On August 22, Kihyun will embark on a significant journey as he reports to the training center, commencing his compulsory military service as an active-duty soldier. Prior to his enlistment, Kihyun reached out to his dedicated fanbase via social media, posting a snapshot showcasing his freshly cropped hair, a symbol of his impending departure. Alongside the photo, he penned a heartfelt message, assuring his fans with the words, “I’ll be back.”

A more recent post once again features Kihyun with MONSTA X maknae I.M. as they pose for a couple of photos. This time, the main vocalist had a sweet message for MONBEBEs to help them prepare for his enlistment.

“Keep your body and mind healthy,” he wrote. “I’ll come back to show you a better side of me. Stay healthy MONBEBE. Let’s meet again with a smile.”

This poignant moment not only marks a temporary farewell from his musical pursuits but also serves as a testament to his commitment to fulfill his civic duty. As fans eagerly await his return, Kihyun’s departure reflects the bittersweet reality that many K-pop idols face, balancing their career aspirations with their national obligations. Nevertheless, MONSTA X’s loyal supporters remain steadfast, eagerly anticipating the day when Kihyun will rejoin the stage to continue captivating hearts with his remarkable talent.

Yoo Kihyun is the fourth member of MONSTA X to enlist for military service. Minhyuk and Joohoney are currently serving while leader Shownu has been discharged. It has not yet been revealed when I.M. and Hyungwon will be due for their military enlistment.