Hyungwon is on a roll. The MONSTA X member is currently promoting the group’s first sub-unit with leader Shownu but he just got another major gig. It has just been confirmed that Chae Hyung-Won is the new brand ambassador for Givenchy Beauty.

Givenchy Beauty Confirms Hyungwon of MONSTA X as New Brand Ambassador

In the latest issue of Singles, Givenchy Beauty announced that Hyungwon of MONSTA X is their new brand ambassador. A representative for the brand explained that he is the perfect choice to be their ambassador.

Hyungwon has a strong influence as a global K-pop artist beyond Korea,” they said. “His charm matches with the direction of Givenchy Beauty, which is why we selected him as our official model. We expect Hyungwon to create positive synergies with our brand as the male beauty market expands.”

The idol himself is happy as long as his fans are satisfied. “I am willing to appear for MONBEBEs who love me even in my sick moments,” he said.

Before becoming renowned for his multifaceted roles within MONSTA X, including his alter ego ‘DJ H.ONE,’ Hyungwon had already established himself as a popular model, gracing numerous fashion show runways. This announcement and achievement hold special significance for many fans, underscoring his diverse talents and journey to stardom.

Prior to this revelation, Hyungwon joined forces with Shownu to form MONSTA X’s first sub-unit. Together, they released the EP titled [THE UNSEEN] on July 25, 2023, which showcased five captivating tracks: “Love Me A Little,” “Love Therapy,” “Roll With Me,” “Play Me,” and “Slow Dance.” This collaborative effort marked an exciting new chapter in their careers, allowing fans to experience their unique musical synergy.

The sub-unit’s official debut music video provides a visual and auditory feast, offering fans an opportunity to immerse themselves in the artistic chemistry between Hyungwon and Shownu. Hyungwon’s journey, from a prominent model to a multifaceted artist, exemplifies his commitment to exploring diverse creative avenues, making him a cherished figure among MONSTA X enthusiasts.