Johnny has finally debunked a long-standing NCT mystery. After years of height-related confusion for NCTZENs, Johnny Suh has unofficially revealed his real height, much to the delight of fans.

How Tall is Johnny Suh? The NCT Height Mystery Finally Debunked

In the world of K-Pop, fans often take a keen interest in the heights of their favorite idols. Official profiles typically include this information, allowing fans to compare their idols and discuss who might be the tallest or shortest in their group. While most K-Pop idols have an average height, it’s the ones who stand out that often capture fans’ attention. NCT’s Johnny is one such idol as he is often listed as 6’0 (approximately 182~183 cm) in official profiles.

Johnny Suh height

In the past, Johnny had confirmed his height as 6’0 when asked by fans, which added to the mystery, especially when compared to other idols with similar height listings. Fans were left confused and curious about the accuracy of these measurements considering that the NCT member appears to be much taller than he claims. Luckily, Johnny’s real height has finally been revealed, albeit unintentionally with the help of one eager NCTZEN.

Recently, during NCT 127’s visit to their pop-up shop location, Johnny provided fans with a way to check how tall he is. He marked a line on part of the exhibition’s decorations, sparking fans’ interest. One inquisitive fan, upon visiting the pop-up shop, took it upon themselves to determine the truth about Johnny’s height. Armed with a tape measure, the fan finally made the big discoveryJohnny’s marked height was actually 188 cm (6’2), a good two inches taller than he claims to be.

This revelation was met with immense joy from fans who had long questioned how tall Johnny truly is. Many were pleasantly surprised to find out that Johnny was even taller than they initially believed, finally putting the mystery to rest. Thank you for coming to today’s FACT CHECK.