The adorable Hank is back! Rosé has shared a series of Instagram Stories and the BLACKPINK member made sure to include her cute pup. Not surprisingly, BLINKs are loving the latest update on the celebrity pooch!

Rosé Brings Back Adorable Hank in New Instagram Story Series

On October 17, Rosé delighted her followers with an Instagram story update. The BLACKPINK member shared her unboxing of an Apple Mac Studio and expressed some doubts about the installation process. Luckily, the adorable Hank made special appearances throughout the series of stories, playing a special role in the entire process.

As the idol begins to unbox the package, she becomes distracted by the pup who clearly wants a treat. Naturally, Rosé had to take a break, cooking some chicken for Hank and showing off some of his tricks. The series of Instagram stories immediately won the hearts of fans worldwide.

Since adopting Hank in 2020, the pup has become a regular feature on Rosé’s personal social media accounts. His endearing canine charm has captured the hearts of millions of BLACKPINK fans worldwide, resulting in Hank’s Instagram account amassing a substantial following. Not surprisingly, Hank is now one of the most popular pets on Instagram.

Interestingly, Rosé recently clarified rumors about herself and a fellow animal lover. It was previously believed that the BLACKPINK member was involved in Taylor Swift’s upcoming album. Since then, Rosé spoke to a BLINK about the issue, confirming she had simply attended a party.

“I think it was just a party that we had amongst ourselves. But the wrong news got out,” Rosé said.

It’s an interesting confirmation and we’re certainly happy to Rosé being able to attend the listening party. In the meantime, Taylor Swift is currently set to release ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ which was a re-recording of her 2014 album.  The album is set to contain five previously unreleased “From the Vault” tracks and will be released on October 27, 2023.