In the world of K-pop, where talents and friendships often flourish behind the scenes, fans are always eager for glimpses into the personal lives of their favorite idols. Recently, NCT 127‘s Taeyong surprised fans during a live Instagram session by introducing an unexpected guest: SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi

As this is the first time that the two idols were seen together, fans couldn’t help but be curious  as to how these two K-pop powerhouses came to know each other. According to Taeyong they became friends because of their mutual passion for creating music. “We became close because we both liked composing music,” he said.


Moreover, the NCT 127 leader didn’t shy away from expressing his admiration for Woozi’s capabilities as a producer. During the live session, he revealed that he played some of his work for the SEVENTEEN member, who provided valuable feedback that boosted his confidence. Another proof of their tight friendship was that Taeyong was able to listen to the demo of God of Music.” 


Throughout the live session, the two idols were also wary about dropping spoilers for their still-unannounced activities. At one point, Woozi told Taeyong that SEVENTEEN has imposed a fine for any member who drops spoilers. To which, the SM Entertainment artist was quickly taken aback. Which left Woozi quickly clarifying that it’s more of an inside joke within the group than a strict policy. 

Taeyong x Woozi collaboration?

Aside from the two idols sharing snippets from their daily lives, fans couldn’t help but adore the unexpected friendship between the two. At the start of the Instagram live, the “Supersinger mentioned that it was his first time appearing on someone else’s live stream, and the “Fact Checksinger expressed his honor at having him as a guest.

Moreover, Woozi also treated viewers to a dance to Taeyong’s solo track “Shalala.”  To which, the NCT member suggested that they film a TikTok dance challenge together, preferably their group’s latest comeback Fact Check“.

And the two did film several dance challenge, proving their genuine bond! On Friday, October 27, they released one video for NCT 127′s “Fact Check and two videos for SEVENTEEN’s “God of Musicdance challenge. One video showed them doing the track’s point choreography, while another showed them sitting down and dancing adorably. 

Apart from dance challenges, Taeyong also mentioned during the live session his desire to receive a song from Woozi tailored to his style. To which the SEVENTEEN producer agreed, promising he’ll create something cool for his hyung. 

Now that they’ve kept their promise of doing a TikTok dance challenge, fans are eagerly anticipating a music collaboration between the two. Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that their musical collaborations and interactions will continue to be a source of joy and inspiration for many of their fans. 

Featured image: NCT’s Taeyong participates in SEVENTEEN’s ‘God of Music’ challenge with Woozi. Credit: YouTube/SEVENTEEN