The recent speculation surrounding Ten’s potential SM Entertainment departure has stirred up curiosity and concern among fans. So is it true that the NCT member is finally leaving the company?

Ten Hints at Possible SM Entertainment Departure

The revelation came during Ten’s appearance on Episode 2 of Super Junior-D&E‘s YouTube channel “DNE comment ‘Hey, Come here,'” where he engaged in a candid conversation with former labelmates Eunhyuk and Donghae.

As former labelmates under SM Entertainment, the trio shared nostalgic memories, reflecting on their time together within the agency. However, the conversation took an unexpected turn when Donghae and Eunhyuk revealed that their fingerprints would be removed from SM Entertainment’s system, making it difficult for them to access the building. This disclosure raised questions about Ten’s future with the company, prompting Donghae to inquire if Ten, too, would be leaving.

The question posed by Donghae sparked various interpretations, leading to uncertainty about Ten’s intentions.

Is Ten Leaving SMEnt?

While it could be perceived as a query about Ten’s departure from SM Entertainment, it could also be interpreted as a concern about Ten’s continued involvement in their show due to their diverging career paths. Sensing the ambiguity, Ten responded diplomatically, expressing his commitment to maintaining his relationship with his former seniors while navigating potential changes in his career trajectory.

Eunhyuk further pressed the issue, seeking clarification on whether Ten was indeed planning to depart from SM Entertainment. In response, Ten explained that his understanding of the question was hindered by language barriers, emphasizing that Korean isn’t his first language. This clarification shed light on the potential misinterpretation of the conversation and underscored the importance of effective communication in such discussions.

The uncertainty surrounding Ten’s future with SM Entertainment has left fans eagerly awaiting further updates and clarification from the artist and the agency. As speculation mounts, fans remain supportive of Ten’s decisions, trusting that he will make choices that align with his career aspirations and personal goals. Amidst the speculation, Ten’s talent and contributions to the K-pop industry continue to be celebrated, with fans eagerly anticipating his future endeavors regardless of the path he chooses to take.