NewJeans are proving that they have what it takes to be a successful group despite several challenges. The girl group has swiftly climbed the Melon TOP 100 chart with their latest releases “How Sweet” and “Bubble Gum.”

NewJeans’ Latest Singles Enter Melon TOP 100 Chart

On May 24, NewJeans’ new tracks, “How Sweet” and “Bubble Gum,” made a significant impact by entering the Melon Top 100 chart at positions 7 and 14, respectively. The impressive debut underscores the group’s growing popularity and strong fanbase, even amidst internal industry controversies.

The success of these tracks is particularly noteworthy given the ongoing feud between NewJeans’ label, ADOR, and its parent company, HYBE. This public conflict has created a tumultuous backdrop for the group’s activities, casting a shadow over their recent releases. Despite these challenges, NewJeans have managed to capture the public’s attention and maintain their rising trajectory in the K-pop scene.

NewJeans, a relatively new player in the K-pop industry, has quickly cemented their place since their debut. However, the current situation has been less than ideal for releasing new music, as public opinion about the group and their CEO, Min Hee Jin, has been volatile in recent weeks. The tension between ADOR and HYBE, coupled with the timing of the release, which coincided with BTS RM’s solo album “Right Place, Wrong Person,” added another layer of complexity. The overlap initially sparked controversy, although it was later debunked. Nonetheless, fans have expressed concern about the future of NewJeans amid these turbulent circumstances.

NewJeans Marches On

Despite these hurdles, the double singles “How Sweet” and “Bubble Gum” have demonstrated NewJeans’ undeniable appeal and resilience. The release of “How Sweet” garnered over 37,000 unique listeners on Melon within just an hour, setting a record for the highest number of unique listeners in 2024 on the platform. This achievement highlights the group’s ability to captivate audiences and sustain their popularity even in challenging times.

The success of NewJeans’ latest tracks serves as a testament to their growing influence in the K-pop industry. It also reflects the unwavering support from their fans, who have stood by them through the ups and downs. As NewJeans continues to navigate the complexities of the music industry, their ability to consistently deliver hit songs and engage listeners remains a significant indicator of their potential to achieve even greater heights in the future.