A Time Called You, the Netflix series starring Ahn Yeo Seop and Jeon Yeo Been, has given fans another reason to look forward to their drama as it announced that rising rookie group NewJeans will be involved in the show’s original soundtrack. 

What we know so far about ‘A Time Called You’ 

Based on the hit Taiwanese series Some day or One Day, A Time Called You is a romance drama involving time-travel. 

Jeon Yeo Been will portray Jun Hee, a girl who’s grieving the death of her boyfriend Yeon Jun, played by Ahn Hyo Seop. 


Mysteriously, Jun Hee will be transported to the year 1998 as a different person. There, she’ll meet a fellow high school student who has a striking resemblance to her late boyfriend. 

In the trailer released on Thursday, August 24, it showed Jun Hee trying to grapple with her past emotions and current feelings. A budding love triangle with Kang Hoon’s character In Gyu was also revealed.

Moreover, the poster also featured the three main characters in two different timelines. “One past, one chance to save you,” it read. 

In addition to the mystery romance themes, viewers are also looking forward to Ahn Hyo Seop and Jeon Yeo Been’s chemistry. 

Ahn Hyo Seop is best known for his roles in Business Proposal and Dr. Romantic 2. Meanwhile, Jeon Yeo Been starred in Vicenzo and Night in Paradise. 

Additionally, A Time With You will premiere on Netflix on September 8. 

NewJeans’ involvement 

While the acting and story alone are already promising, the anticipation for the series rose after it was confirmed that NewJeans will be lending their voices for the show. 

According to representatives from Netflix, the quintet will sing a remake of Kim Jong Seo’s 1996 song Beautiful Restriction.” 

Also, this will serve as NewJeans’ first time to sing an OST for a drama. 


Interestingly, a snippet of NewJeans’ OST was featured in the trailer. Fans were quick to pinpoint how it sounded like the group even before Netflix confirmed the news. 

On top of that, fans are curious as to how NewJeans’ rendition of the hit ballad can further elevate the storytelling in the drama. 

The OST is also the group’s next project after the release of their second EP Get Up. Said album gave NewJeans’ their first entry to the Billboard 200 chart

Get Up, which has six songs, was released on July 21. ETA,” “Super Shy,andCool With You” are the album’s triple title tracks. 

Composed of Minji, Hanni, Hyein, Haerin, and Danielle, NewJeans made their debut in July 2022. 

Featured image: NewJeans shares photo from their Bunnies Camp. Credit: Facebook/NewJeans