Kim Taehyung, also known as BTSV, graced the pages of W Korea’s latest issue. After the media outlet uploaded the cover story, a behind-the-scenes video followed. This video gave fans a glimpse at everything that happened on the set of the photoshoot, set to the tune of V answering questions from the W Korea team.

Opening with a cheerful, “Hello, W Korea! I’m V of BTS,” he set the tone for a candid conversation. One of the first topics broached was his pet, Yeontan. V affectionately remarked, “Yeontan ate too much, so I put him on a diet. Yeontan also got his hair cut recently, so he looks very cute.” He added that while Yeontan is close to him, the dog has a very special bond with his mother, which means he competes with her for Yeontan’s attention.

BTS V Q&A by W Korea

V also shared insights about his fitness regimen. “I actually shared my routine on my Story, I hope you check it out.” When asked which part of his body he’s most proud of these days, he confidently and simply stated, “Hands!”

Discussing his downtime, V revealed that he’s been recharging and is now channeling all his energy into work. Naturally, the conversation veered towards his much-anticipated solo album. While V was a bit secretive about the exact genre, he did drop several hints. “Standard jazz can be too complex, so I tried to make my songs more contemporary and popular,” he explained. He also painted a serene picture for fans, when asked what time of day best suits his album. “When the sun’s setting, under the sunset, when you’re driving, when you get off work—that would be the best time to listen.”

BTS’ V and the heartfelt goodbye

Known for his unparalleled bond with the ARMY (BTS‘s fanbase), V emphasized his commitment to them. “There are many contents that ARMY can enjoy when they’re bored. I’m trying to make more communication channels for ARMY, so I’m shooting a lot of those contents,” he said, showcasing his dedication.

Reflecting on his journey as the last member of BTS to release a solo album, V expressed respect for his members. “BTS members went through so much. I learned that as I made my album. It’s not easy,” he confessed. However, he also expressed the joy in the process, “But because it’s so hard, it makes the process more fun.”

V‘s personal style also became a topic of discussion. Identifying as a minimalist, he shared, “I don’t usually carry around a bag.” Yet, he always has his cherished accessories with him, especially his bracelet, necklace, and a special ring. His penchant for luxury was evident when he spoke about his endeavors to acquire a Cartier Crash watch and fondly reminisced about his first Cartier purchase, the Cartier Tank Louis watch.

He left fans with a brief yet heartfelt, “I’m V, thank you,” signaling the end of a conversation that offered a deeper understanding of the person behind the global sensation. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: V talked about everything from his album to his dog. Source: YouTube/@wkorea.