Onew has officially returned, marking a significant moment for both the group and their fans. The SHINee leader, whose real name is Lee Jinki, reunited with his fellow group members in a triumphant comeback that featured an explosive performance during their encore concert. The return comes in time for SHINee’s 16th debut anniversary!

SHINee Brings Back Onew for Encore Concert

The reunion took place at the highly anticipated SHINee WORLD Ⅵ [PERFECT ILLUMINATION: SHINee’S BACK] concert series, held from May 24 to 26 at Inspire Arena. The announcement of these concerts generated immense excitement, especially as they featured Onew’s return after a prolonged hiatus. SHINee heightened anticipation by releasing a group photo ahead of Day 1, showing all members, including Onew, during rehearsals.

On May 24, SHINee performed to an ecstatic crowd of Shawols, SHINee’s dedicated fanbase. Fans were thrilled to hear Onew’s voice once again on classic hits like “Dream Girl,” which showcased his unique vocal talent and stage presence. His return added a layer of emotional depth to the performance, making it a memorable experience for everyone in attendance.

Onew’s comeback was not only a momentous occasion for fans but also drew support from fellow SM Entertainment artists. EXO member Chanyeol and NCT’s Kun were present at the concert, demonstrating their camaraderie and support for Onew and SHINee.

Their attendance underscored the tight-knit community within SM Entertainment and the significance of Onew’s return to the stage.

Onew Takes A Break

Onew’s hiatus, announced in June 2023, was due to health concerns that necessitated a break from his rigorous schedule. His absence was deeply felt during the promotion of SHINee’s studio album “HARD” and the group’s three-day concert series. Fans and members alike eagerly awaited his recovery and return.

In April of this year, Onew made his highly anticipated comeback. He signed with a new agency, GRIFFIN Entertainment, as their first artist. The move signaled a new chapter in his career, one filled with fresh opportunities and renewed energy. His return to SHINee has been a cause for celebration, marking a significant milestone in his journey both as an individual artist and as a member of one of K-pop’s most iconic groups.

Onew’s return to SHINee is more than just a comeback; it’s a powerful testament to his resilience and the unwavering support of his fans and peers. As SHINee continues to captivate audiences with their performances, Onew’s presence adds a renewed vibrancy and strength to the group. Fans can look forward to more incredible music and performances from SHINee, with Onew once again leading the charge.