Girl’s Day’s Hyeri has embarked on a new chapter in her career by signing an exclusive contract with Sublime Artist Agency. This announcement, made on May 24, marks a significant move for Hyeri, who is set to receive robust support from her new agency to further her career as an actress.

Sublime Artist Agency Confirms Lee Hyeri’s Exclusive Contract

Sublime Artist Agency expressed their excitement over the new addition to their roster.

“We are delighted to share the news that Hyeri will be joining us,” the agency stated. “We plan to actively support Hyeri, who has a wide array of charms, so that her presence as an actress can shine even brighter.” The commitment underscores the agency’s intention to leverage Hyeri’s talents and elevate her profile in the entertainment industry.

The agency further encouraged fans to show continued interest and support for Hyeri. “We ask that you continue to give lots of interest and support to Hyeri, who will greet you through a wide variety of projects and characters, in the future as well,” they added. This suggests that Hyeri’s fans can look forward to seeing her in diverse roles and projects that will showcase her versatility as an actress.

Sublime Artist Agency is home to a notable lineup of actors and artists, including renowned figures like Song Kang Ho, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Young, EXID’s Hani, Ko So Young, Lovelyz’s Yein, Han Hyun Min, and Yoon Jung Hee. This impressive roster highlights the agency’s reputation for nurturing talent and providing comprehensive support to its artists.

Hyeri Leaving The Past Behind

Hyeri’s move to Sublime Artist Agency comes in the wake of some notable industry shifts. A few months prior, C-Jes Studios acquired Creative Group ING, sparking conversations due to the involvement of Hyeri and her ex-boyfriend, Ryu Jun Yeol, who is also represented by C-Jes Studios. This acquisition drew attention because it brought Hyeri into closer professional proximity to Ryu Jun Yeol. Both stars had previously been involved in high-profile controversies, including a scandal with actress Han So Hee.

Despite past controversies, Hyeri’s signing with Sublime Artist Agency is a positive step forward. The agency’s resources and commitment to her career are expected to provide Hyeri with new opportunities to expand her acting portfolio and solidify her status in the entertainment industry.

Overall, Hyeri’s transition to Sublime Artist Agency signifies a promising new phase in her career. Fans and industry watchers alike will be keen to see how this partnership unfolds and what new heights Hyeri will reach as she takes on more diverse and challenging roles under the guidance of her new agency.