On January 16, Awesome ENT released an official statement saying that the agency has taken a legal action against malicious commenters defaming actor Park Seo Joon.

According to the label, they have obtained evidence identifying the individuals who have made harmful posts against the actor from the year 2020. Moreover, the agency explained that these acts include, but are not limited to, sexual harassment, false information, and family insults regarding the actor.

In their statement, Awesome ENT also revealed that some of the accused have already been transferred to the prosecution. Meanwhile, others are currently under police investigation.


In line with the investigation, the agency asked for the fans’ understanding as they can’t disclose specific details about the case in order to maintain confidentiality. Furthermore, they reassured fans of the 35-year-old actor that they will hold the respondents to strong legal responsibility. On top of that, Awesome ENT emphasized that they will enforce the “zero tolerance principle” for these accusers. 

“We hope that people will stop posting malicious slander against actors while hiding behind anonymity,” Awesome ENT wrote. “We will continue to work hard to protect the personality and rights of our actors,” the agency continued.

More about Park Seo Joon

Known as one of the most respected male actors today, Park Seo Joon first debuted in a small role for a music video in 2011. At 20 years old, he already completed his mandatory service prior to starting his acting career.

In 2015, Seo Joon made a breakthrough in the dramas Kill Me, Heal Me, and She Was Pretty. After which, he became one of the most prominent main leads both in dramas and films.

Some of his renowned dramas include Hwarang in 2016, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim in 2018, and Itaewon Class in 2020, among others. As for the big screens, Seo Joon has starred in hit films such as Midnight Runners, Dream, and Concrete Utopia.

In 2023, he made his Hollywood debut with an appearance in The Marvels

For 2024, the actor is set to return for a second season of the Netflix thriller series Gyeongseong Creature, where he will star alongside actress Han So Hee.

Featured image: Park Seo Joon shares behind-the-scenes photos from his filming. Credit: Instagram/Park Seo Joon