Welcoming 2024 with a bang, Red Velvet just dropped some good news for ReveLuvs! 

On December 31, Red Velvet members Irene, Seulgi and Wendy had their year-end performance at the BGC New Year’s Eve Concert in the Philippines. In a press conference for the said event, the K-pop idols shared their plans for the new year.

There, the girls mentioned their plans in celebration of their 10th anniversary. To note, the famed SM Entertainment girl group debuted in August 2014 with the single Happiness.” Since then, the quintet have been releasing hit tracks including Red Flavor”, “Psycho”, “Feel My Rhythm”, among many others.

With 2024 marking their 10th year in the industry, the group’s leader Irene revealed that they hope to release an upcoming album to commemorate the milestone. “However, there’s nothing firmly scheduled, so we cannot really disclose about it”, the singer then clarified.

Red Velvet in 2024

Aside from their plans for the group, Irene, Seulgi and Wendy also shared their personal goals for 2024.

First, Irene started off by saying she wanted to challenge herself by trying to learn new things and new hobbies this year.


Next is Seulgi, who will be turning 30 in February. As she’s set to have a personal milestone for this year, the idol shared that she aspires to become a better adult. “As an adult, I want to become wiser,” she said. Moreover, she also hoped to have lesser worries in her work. “I’d like to have a happier life without anxieties in terms of doing work. I think it will help give this work more longevity if I do it with more happiness”, the “28 Reasonssinger added.

On the other hand, Wendy said that her top priority in 2024 is to stay happy and healthy, while also meeting new people along the way.

To recall, Red Velvet has recently dropped their third full-length album Chill Kill last November. Notably, the album served as a treat for the group’s fanbase as it was their first full album in six years.

Although there are no confirmations yet, fans have expressed their high hopes for Red Velvet’s 10th anniversary album on social media.

Featured image: Red Velvet during SMTOWN Live 2023: SMCU Palace. Credit: Twitter/Red Velvet