K-pop girl group Red Velvet has made a highly-anticipated return to the music scene, dropping their third full-length album, Chill Kill, on Monday, November 13. 

As this album marks the group’s first full-length release in six years, fans were definitely anticipating it. Notably, Red Velvet’s second full album, Perfect Velvet, came out in November 2017.

Meanwhile, the title track “Chill Kill” is described as a  distinctive pop dance composition that showcases the broad musical spectrum of Red Velvet. According to SM Entertainment, it has a cold yet warm and hopeful melody. 

As for what Chill Kill means, member Joy said in a press release that it refers to a situation or person that disrupts silence. In line with that, the song explores the feeling of missing Chill Kill, even though it altered one’s world, and expresses a desire for hope. Moreover, the group encouraged their fans to pay attention to the  duality portrayed in the song. 

Apart from “Chill Kill,” the album has nine other tracks. 

Red Velvet on returning with a full album

Meanwhile, Seulgi expressed the group’s aim to reveal their growth and unique style to fans. “We have undergone by exploring our past and present throughout the album’s creation,” she added. 

Despite the long gap since their last full-length album, Irene, the group’s leader, highlighted their continuous musical releases and experimentation with various concepts. “We worked hard to showcase a new side of ourselves through this album,” she said. 

In terms of the key points of Chill Kill, Wendy shared that the album follows the theme of “duplicity” – portraying both tragedy and hope.

“We put our minds on showing both sides of the album through all the content,” she said. Moreover, she noted that the group have been hands-on in terms of choosing the songs and making the choreography for their latest album. 

Known for their intriguing concepts, fans of the group are aware of the consistent “red” and “velvet” themes of the group throughout the career.

To note, the “red” theme shows more of the group’s fresh, fun, upbeat, and vibrant concepts. Meanwhile, the “velvet” theme goes for a more sensual, mature, and sophisticated sound. 

Apart from it being a full album, Chill Kill also marked the group’s first comeback in almost a year. In November 2022, they released the mini-album The ReVe Festival 2022- Birthday.

Moreover, the comeback also came amidst speculations regarding the members’ status as SM Entertainment artists. 

In August, Seulgi was confirmed to renew her contract with SM Entertainment.  It marked the second time the K-pop idol has re-signed with the K-pop agency. However, the agency has yet to reveal the status of the other Red Velvet members, namely Irene, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri. 

Featured image: Red Velvet poses for their concept photo for ‘Chill Kill.’ Credit: Twitter/Red Velvet