BTSRM recently took to Weverse Live for a belated birthday broadcast. As the broadcast began, RM humorously commented on the technical difficulties he faced, saying, “Now you can see my face a bit! Hello! Oh no, I can’t see the comments, but I can’t see the icons either. Whatever, it’s a late birthday live!” 

Despite the playful start, RM‘s genuine connection with fans was palpable throughout. He continued with a playful tone, mentioning he couldn’t do the birthday live earlier and kept thinking about it. As he adjusted his phone, he remarked, “Nothing can work out right now, right? That’s how my life is.”

RM full Birthday live in English 😍 |

He updated fans about his day, sharing that he went to the dentist for scaling. He explained, “While I’m using the mic and dancing, I kept hitting the mic against my teeth, so my front teeth area was broken a bit! But he fixed it!” He also mentioned watching a movie and reading a webtoon, trying to savor the experience by watching it very slowly.

One of the highlights of the broadcast was RM‘s heartfelt gratitude towards fans. He said, “Hello, everyone, I came here to tell you guys thank you for the birthday wishes.” He also expressed hope that fans received his letter and heartfelt messages through social media.

What’s next for RM?

RM also teased fans about upcoming projects, hinting that his next project would start unveiling in October. He clarified, “It’s not my album will be released this year, but I’ll be starting to tell what I’m doing.” However, RM refrained from giving away too many details, joking that his existence is a spoiler and his team might be watching the live.

The live session was a testament to RM‘s genuine connection with fans and his ability to turn simple moments into memorable experiences. As he signed off, he left fans with a heartwarming message, “I wish I could be someone that will help you guys! I have to go eat, everyone! I can go, right? I’ll leave! You worked hard! Peace out!”

Following this intimate session, RM showcased his charismatic presence in a photo shoot for DAZED Korea. On the 15th, Dazed Korea’s official SNS unveiled the captivating images, in which his intense gaze and impeccable style took center stage. 

RM’s impressive height and perfect proportions were highlighted as he donned various outfits, from sleek suits to long jackets. A particular standout was RM’s hair, which he cut short and dyed blue. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: BTS’ leader visited Weverse Live for his birthday. Source: Twitter/@boraboravie.