Fans of K-pop boy groups SEVENTEEN and MONSTA X knew how close the two acts are, with many of its members even hanging out together in their free times. And recently, MONSTA X’s Hyungwon and SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan gave fans a glimpse of their tight bond in the web series Mr. Chae the Castaway. 


On Friday, September 15, Hyungwon’s web series featured Jeonghan as its guest for the third episode. For the first two episodes of Mr. Chae the Castaway, the MONSTA X singer has his relatives as his guests, making Jeonghan the first idol to appear in the show. 

“It’d be sad if other people came before me,” the SEVENTEEN vocalist said. 

Jeonghan in Hyungwon’s Mr. Chae the Castaway

Even at the start of the episode, the close bond between the two was already evident. When asked by Hyungwon if there’s anything he’d like to eat, Jeonghan said that he only needs to see his hyung

Both idols also said that they really care a lot for each other that they’d come running if the other called them. 

One of the scenes that really delighted fans was when Hyungwon was protecting the SEVENTEEN member while driving and Jeonghan held his hands. 

Interestingly, Jeonghan’s antics also shone through as he persuaded Hyungwon to try the tallest bungee jumping in South Korea. In all of his idol career, Hyungwon said that he has never tried doing scary activities like that. But he pushed through as the younger idol promised that he’ll do it with him. 

After that, the two also reminisced about their busy idol lives. Hyungwon even said that as long as Jeonghan got some healing through his show, then it’s alright. 

At one point, the SEVENTEEN member explained that the reason he liked the older idol so much is because they don’t argue when they’re talking. 

Hyungwon and Jeonghan’s friendship over the years

Prior to Jeonghan’s guesting in Mr. Chae the Castaway, his friendship with Hyungwon has been known to their fans. 

In a 2020 show, the SEVENTEEN singer said that Hyungwon is someone he’s comfortable to call at any time. 

Moreover, the two have talked about each other on several accounts. In fact, Jeonghan even quipped that the MONSTA X member is his “one-sided love.” 

Moreover, the two only have praises for each other. “I think of Jeonghan as a very good person. He’s a really nice friend,” Hyungwon said. 

Another way that the two idols bond together is participating in TikTok dance challenges. 


And fans of the two idols can rejoice as the Mr. Chae the Castaway episode with Jeoghan has several parts. Its fourth episode, which will see the two napping and preparing for barbeque, will air on September 22.

Featured image: SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan appears in MONSTA X’s Hyungwon’s ‘Mr Chae the Castaway.’ Credit: Twitter/lifewithoutaplan