Earlier this month, SEVENTEEN’s fans were concerned when the group’s agency revealed that their overall leader S. COUPS sustained a bad knee injury. The injury occurred during a shoot, resulting in a torn ligament in his left knee. Consequently, the decision was made for him to undergo surgery.

Fast forward to August 24, and there’s good news for fans and well-wishers. Pledis Entertainment confirmed that S. COUPS‘ surgery went well. Furthermore, he was discharged from the hospital on the morning of the 24th. Since then, he has been resting and focusing on his recovery.

The label’s detailed statement shed light on the situation. “On August 10, S. COUPS sustained a tear to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his left knee during a content photo shoot. After seeking medical advice and undergoing pre-surgery treatment, he had surgery on Monday, the 21st, to restore his ACL and anterolateral ligament. The surgery went smoothly, and he was discharged on the 24th Thursday morning.”

S. COUPS’ long road to recovery

Now, the rapper’s long road to recovery starts. S. COUPS will be focusing on rehabilitation for the foreseeable future. As part of his recovery process, he will use crutches, a wheelchair, and wearing a leg brace. Additionally, he will undergo physical therapy to aid his healing. Despite the challenges his injury presents, there’s a silver lining. His agency’s goal is for S. COUPS to rejoin SEVENTEEN later this year, which is undoubtedly something fans are eagerly anticipating.

In the meantime, CARATS are sending S. COUPS their well wishes. Many fans pray for him to make a speedy recovery. Till then, the artist continues to make his presence felt on Weverse and through previously filmed content. He most recently appeared in a video where he showed off some items he designed especially for CARATS.

[Artist-Made Collection by SEVENTEEN] Season 1. Making of Log – S. COUPS

The support for S. COUPS has been immense, with many taking to SNS to express themselves.

Injuries are never easy, but the positivity and resilience shown by S. COUPS are commendable. His family, fans, and fellow SEVENTEEN members are behind him, so there’s no doubt he’ll be OK, even if he has a long way to go. Stay tuned for further updates on his condition. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: CARATS worldwide hope S. COUPS gets plenty of rest so he can come back soon. Source: Twitter/@cscthnkr.