Time has a way of slipping through our fingers. For S. Coups, fearless leader of the K-pop sensation SEVENTEEN, it has been a reflective eight years. His fans, affectionately known as CARATs, have watched him grow and lead the group with unwavering dedication. For his birthday, he sat down with Marie Claire Korea to share his thoughts on the journey so far and what lies ahead.

“A lot has happened to SEVENTEEN in the past two years, including tours,” he began. “We finished our Seoul concert last week, and the Japan tour is coming up soon. We released many songs and got good reviews. We needed time to discuss our achievements. But in reality, we rarely have such time. We always talk more about what we should do next.”

On a personal note, S. Coups shared his lack of individual ambitions within the K-pop scene. Unlike many idols who branch out into other things, he has a singular focus: SEVENTEEN

“Lately, I’ve been thinking about this a lot,” he admitted. “The thing I want to tell CARATs is that I don’t have any particular dream I want to achieve personally. If and when SEVENTEEN’s activities come to an end, I think my career in the entertainment industry will also come to an end. I have no desire to go into individual activities, like acting or variety shows. I let go of my personal ambitions to focus on SEVENTEEN. I made that decision because I believe the members will also continue to do group activities. Like now, we’ll probably release an album in our fifteenth or twentieth year. I think we can promote once a year or more if CARATs wait for us.”

S. Coups’ Marie Claire Korea quotes went viral

His personal goal is “to protect the group well.” Keeping a group as big as SEVENTEEN united isn’t a walk in the park, but he’s determined to give it his best shot. “Looking back, there were times when we argued about trivial things and got hurt because of small misunderstandings. I want to avoid that as much as possible. I think the members feel the same way. It’s not easy keeping us together, but I still try my best.”

But this doesn’t mean S. Coups has neglected his personal life. In fact, he’s found a way to balance his stage persona and his off-stage self, Choi Seungcheol

Choi Seungcheol and S. Coups have completely merged into one,” he says. “Before, I tried to keep the two separated, but I realized both are part of me. There’s no need to act differently based on the situation. As a result, I feel more comfortable and less burdened.” That said, S. Coups remains cautious, understanding the responsibilities that come with fame.

When these quotes from the Marie Claire Korea interview circulated on social media, his dedication particularly touched CARATs.

When these quotes from the Marie Claire Korea interview circulated on social media, his dedication particularly touched CARATs. Knowing he remains committed to his group’s success and well-being made them emotional, especially in light of his recent injury

His unwavering commitment to SEVENTEEN and ability to balance his personal and professional lives offer a unique perspective on the life of a K-pop idol. Despite all he’s been through lately, one thing remains clear: S. Coups’ heart beats for SEVENTEEN, and he’s here to stay. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: His statements to Marie Claire went viral in light of his recent ACL injury. Source: Twitter/@scoup_otato.