In a delightful twist of fate, S. Coups, the charismatic, talented general leader of the K-pop group SEVENTEEN, started his birthday live broadcast at exactly 10:10 PM. S. Coups humorously dubbed it “Hoshi o’clock” after his bandmate. (Hoshi has said he was given the nickname “10:10” because his eyes are slanted so that they look like the hands of a clock set to that time.) That candid moment set the tone for a session filled with heartwarming revelations and surprises.

S. Coups said he spent his birthday happily because he received a lot of love from family, fans, and friends. He was surprised when Hoshi called to ask him what he wanted for his birthday present. He confessed his longing for the Nike Air Force x Louis Vuitton collaboration, a luxury he hesitated to indulge in due to its hefty price tag. His members were astonished by how much it cost. That said, it seems they chipped in to buy him some items from the collaboration because S. Coups promised to flex his gifts soon.

A special gift

Moreover, Mingyu‘s unexpected call to convey birthday wishes and the cozy hat and shirt gifted by his brother, which he proudly wore during the broadcast, showcased the close-knit bonds he shares with everyone around him. The only fly in his soup, so to speak, was the fact that his plan of working on a new episode of cookscoups fell through. (For the uninitiated, cookscoups is a combination of S. Coups’ stage name and the word “cook.”)

The first and so far only episode of his passion project was posted on his birthday last year, and he wanted to do a follow-up. Unfortunately, there were some issues with the filming location so he had to change his plans.

S. Coups also took the time to unveil a really special gift for his fans. Acknowledging that he rarely does solo photoshoots, he did one for his birthday this year. Everyone watching his broadcast was thrilled. After all, not many K-pop idols would celebrate their birthdays by giving fans a gift. But he did because that’s how much he cares about CARATs. Anyway, his birthday photoshoot for Marie Claire will be released in September. S. Coups teased fans by saying, “I think CARATs will like it. I wore clothes that I never thought I’d wear in my life.” 

The rest of the rapper’s live broadcast was packed with candid moments, from his bemusement at how many photos SEVENTEEN’s DK had of him to his heartfelt gratitude toward those who helped make sure his birthday would be a happy one. Although traditional seaweed soup wasn’t on the menu, he assured fans that his taste buds were treated to a delectable feast anyway.

Looking back on S.Coups’ journey

For those unfamiliar with the dynamo that is S. Coups, a brief introduction is in order. He was born Choi Seungcheol and he has been the backbone of SEVENTEEN since they debuted in 2015. As the group’s eldest member and leader, he’s also affectionately known as their “father,” a testament to his nurturing nature and unwavering patience.

His leadership style has evolved over the years, as he revealed in a chat with Weverse Magazine a few years ago. When S. Coups was younger (and not as wise as he is today), he used to think being a leader meant being in charge of everything all the time. Now he knows the importance of sharing responsibilities, and he often leans on the group’s younger members because he respects and values their emotional intelligence.

Reflecting on SEVENTEEN‘s journey, his hopes for the future are simple yet profound. 

“We make the music we want to make, the staff is so helpful, and we’ve been able to put on so many performances, so my goal is simply to live happily with the other members and make music with them for a long time,” S. Coups told Weverse Magazine. “The wider you set your sights, the less you look up at the sky. I ended up seeing all the things around me. I think it’s the same for the others too. A love that isn’t boiling over or going cold—a warm love. I want a love that keeps on going like that.” – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: One of S.Coups’ fan accounts posted a ton of cute photos for his birthday. Source: Twitter/@Stunning_COUPS.