LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura has not only dazzled fans with her performance skills but also with her adeptness at crocheting, transforming her hobby into stunning accessories and stage outfits. She took up crocheting last year, finding it the perfect activity to occupy her during downtime in waiting rooms. She became so good at it that she even crafted hats for TWICE’s Mina, Sana, and Momo. Each hat took her about three to four hours to complete, showcasing her dedication and focus. She also made a special present for someone’s dog.

What else has Sakura made?

Sakura’s focus is evident in how she once spent five continuous hours crocheting on a flight to the US without any distractions. Her dedication was highlighted last week when she revealed that she had crocheted her top for a Music Bank performance of LE SSERAFIM’s new single, “Easy.” (It’s the title track of their third mini album.)

‘EASY'(LE SSERAFIM SAKURA Fancam) @뮤직뱅크(Music Bank) 240223

The top, which she made with various crochet techniques to incorporate the song’s title into its design, impressed fans. Many said it looked professionally made. When Sakura posted photos of herself wearing it on Instagram, they showered her with comments and likes, praising her craftsmanship and fashion sense.


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The admiration for Sakura’s crocheting talent also extended to LE SSERAFIM’s “Smart” performance on M Countdown, where each member appeared in beautifully crocheted tops and skirts, complete with matching accessories. Initially, fans believed Sakura had crafted every piece. It was later clarified, however, that she had made only some of the items. 

‘최초 공개’ LE SSERAFIM – Smart #엠카운트다운 EP.831 | Mnet 240229 방송

Sakura later shared pictures of the pieces she did make, further showcasing her talent and adding a personal touch to LE SSERAFIM’s stage. 

Dedication can lead to proficiency

The ability to use one’s artistic vision to create something from nothing is both challenging and rewarding. Crocheting involves mastering various stitches and techniques. Beginners typically start with simpler projects, such as scarves or dishcloths, to become acquainted with the yarn and hook. The fact that Sakura can now produce items that she and others can wear indicates she has reached at least an intermediate, if not advanced, level. This skill, like any, has a learning curve. Despite that, Sakura’s rapid advancement in crafting complex items within a year demonstrates that dedication can lead to proficiency.

Sakura’s contributions to the group’s aesthetics highlight her creativity and dedication. This endeared her even more to fans around the world. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: Sakura made her skirt and Kazuha’s headband. Amazing, right? Source: X/@sserasainte.