Sandara Park is finally ready for her next solo album. The former 2NE1 member confirmed she is releasing a new album in July. This will be Dara’s first music release since leaving YG Entertainment in 2021.

ABYSS Company Announces Sandara Park Solo Debut Set For July

Abyss Company confirmed the news. “Sandara Park is preparing for a new album [aiming to be released] in July,” the agency said in a statement.

The company also revealed that the schedule has not yet been finalized. “We will inform you later when [the details] are decided,” they stated.


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This is welcome news for BLACKJACKs. Sandara Park is the only member of 2NE1 who has not released solo music since leaving YG Entertainment. Needless to say, it’s a solo album that fans have been waiting for since 2021.

Dara debuted with 2NE1 in May 2009. She was the first member of the group to release a solo single “Kiss” (feat. CL) which was used for a Cass Beer promotional campaign. After 2NE1 disbanded in November 2016, Dara signed a solo contract with YG Entertainment. However, she did not release any solo music.

In May 2021, YG Entertainment confirmed that Dara did not renew her contract with the company. Dara had been working as a solo artist appearing in variety shows and musicals. In September 2021, Abyss Company announced that Sandara Park has signed an exclusive contract with the agency.

But what can we expect in Dara’s solo album? The details have not yet been revealed. However, the “Love Love Love” singer had previously teased the concept.

“I will give big spoiler!!! The concept of my album will be ‘Sandara Park’,” Dara tweeted.

When a fan asked if the album will have “tropical vibes”, Dara played coy.

Hmmm maybe?! But different tropical vibes with winner babies,” she wrote, referring to WINNER’s summery concept for their album ‘Everyday’.

“They got this tropical vibe that I love!!! like island! but i’ll do it Sandara style hehe,” Dara added.

Abyss Company has not yet announced Sandara Park’s solo album release date. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.