Moonbin’s mother is stepping up in defense of her late son. Moon Bin’s mom is requesting people to stop spreading fake rumors about the late ASTRO member.

Moon Bin’s Mother Issues Statement Regarding Fake Rumors About Late ASTRO Singer

ASTRO’s agency FANTAGIO recently shared a letter on the group’s official fan page. The letter was penned by Moonbin’s mother and her message is addressed to AROHAs.

“First, I received a lot of comfort from the sincerity of the fans who, even though it was a long distance to travel, came all the way to [Moonbin’s memorial spaces] and wrote heartfelt letters and brought flowers. Truly, I sincerely thank you,” she wrote. “I hope that all the fans also find comfort and stay in good health.”

She then explains that she learned about fake rumors being spread about Moon Bin.

“The reason that I ended up writing this letter is because, even though I know everyone is mourning and grieving for my son, I’ve seen that there have been groundless rumors starting in a small minority of online communities,” she wrote.

These kinds of rumors are so difficult for me to see as a mother, and I am also worried that because of these false rumors, many people will suffer damages, and the fans who have been grieving for my son might suffer heartbreak,” she continued.

I don’t want my son to become fodder for gossip, and I entreat you to please not start any more rumors or spread unconfirmed facts,” she added. “I don’t want the fans whom Bin loved so dearly to live on with broken hearts.

She concluded, “I sincerely thank all of you for your heartfelt mourning.

Moon Bin Cause of Death Not Yet Revealed

Moonbin passed away in his home on April 19, 2023. The cause of death was not officially revealed. His sister BILLLIE rapper Moon Sua served as chief mourner at his funeral which was attended by fellow ASTRO members and close friends.


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Soon after Moon Bin’s passing, FANTAGIO opened a memorial space in front of the agency’s building. The space was later moved to the roof deck so fans can continue to leave letters for the late idol.

The memorial site has now been moved to an area in Gukcheongsa Temple at Namhansangseong, FANTAGIO confirmed that the space will be opened long-term as long as fans follow the rules and regulations.