This month, the fashion and culture magazine DAZED Korea released a cover story featuring the leader of SEVENTEEN, S.Coups. With his distinctive, deep-set eyes and manly physique, S.Coups made hearts flutter on the set of the photoshoot. He cut a dashing figure in clothes by Fendi, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Versace, and more.

The photoshoot was organized by a team of skilled professionals. This team was led by DAZED Korea editor Keem Hyobeen. Also on board were art director Song Yuli, photographer Jang Dukhwa, stylist Choi Younghoe, and writer Kwon Sohee. S.Coups’s hair and makeup were done by Woo Eunhye and Ko Lina, respectively, both of whom are associated with Cutloose. Their collaboration resulted in a well-executed and visually appealing photoshoot.

After sustaining an ACL injury in August 2023, S.Coups went on hiatus. In the interview that accompanied the photos, he opened up about his recovery. He shared, “Yes, I’ve been diligently doing rehab, and watching all the guys’ performances. It was the first time I watched from the audience. As I watched, I thought, ‘Ah, they deserve to receive love.’ Being skilled is one thing, but they looked really happy being on stage.”

[LULU’S 101] FAST FORWARD with S.Coups

Frustrated and angry

S.Coups reflected on his role within SEVENTEEN. One of his duties involves the group’s greeting. When they have to introduce themselves, he leads the rest of the group by asking them to “Say the name.” They respond by shouting the group’s name.

According to S.Coups, his members did their best to execute the greeting properly in his absence, but they’re only human, so they naturally messed up from time to time. “They’re really bad at the greeting,” he told DAZED Korea with a chuckle. “They would keep making mistakes, so we’d talk about it and tease each other for it. That’s why I thought ‘I wish we were all together’ even more.”

While the rest of the members were working, he spent much time alone, which he found difficult. “I tried to be honest with my feelings. I was frustrated and angry with myself many times because I went from someone who uses their body to someone who can’t. Rehab felt more like overcoming myself rather than like exercise. I was worried. I had concerns like, ‘Even if I consistently do rehab, will I be able to use my body like before?’ Since I got hurt, I unconsciously became more scared and cautious when I moved.” Thinking of his members and the fans gave him the strength to go on.


S.Coups is still taking it easy

The interview also delved into S.Coups’s leadership style and how it has evolved over the years. He credits fellow SEVENTEEN member Jeonghan with helping him become a better leader.

“Up until 2020, I was kind of a scary hyung,” S.Coups admits. “At one point, there were a lot of rules, and I gave a lot of feedback as the hyung. I did that wanting the members to love each other the most when it came to this job. But then we ended up not really being happy on stage. SEVENTEEN’s charm won’t show when things are awkward, too disciplined, and uptight. That’s why I felt like I was doing something wrong. At the time, Jeonghan really helped me. He has always had a casual, friend-like relationship with the members, so he gave me lots of advice and even conveyed to the members how I really felt. From that point on, I let go of a lot of things.”

S.Coups’s condition has since improved to the point that he has been able to return to work, although he’s still taking it easy. SEVENTEEN is gearing up for a comeback and more concerts. In the meantime, CARATs can see more of S.Coups in DAZED Korea’s print edition and on their website. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: S.Coups is as handsome and wise as ever in this DAZED Korea feature. Source: DAZED Korea