Seoul, South Korea’s capital city, is ablaze with hues of purple as it celebrates the 10th anniversary of global superstars BTS. The city is hosting the 2023 BTS Festa, a two-week festival packed with festivities and tributes to honor the septet’s remarkable achievements over the past decade.


The event began with artwork adorning 11 locations throughout the city. This collaboration between BTS’s agency, HYBE Corporation, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government aims to pay tribute to the group’s groundbreaking accomplishments. Each work of art was bathed in purple light, which carries a profound significance as purple is BTS’s official color. It symbolizes the group’s connection to the fans and commitment to staying together “for as long as possible.”

Commemorative stamps

Seoul’s skyline also participated in BTS’s 10th anniversary. Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Gwanghwamun Square, the HYBE building, Lotte World Tower, Namsan Seoul Tower, the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Some Sevit (a cultural complex made up of three man-made floating islands in Banpo Han River Park), and Seoul City Hall cast a magical purple glow upon the city. Finally, come nighttime, four Han River bridges—Banpo Bridge, World Cup Bridge, Yanghwa Bridge, and Yeongdong Bridge—also turned purple.

The celebration extended beyond Seoul, as the city’s postal service issued commemorative stamps in honor of this occasion. 

Moreover, LED displays throughout the city flashed congratulatory messages for each member of BTS, amplifying the jubilant atmosphere. Seoul officials also put together a map of BTS-specific locations, including places where they filmed their official music videos.

As locals and tourists alike immerse themselves in the celebratory atmosphere, they bear witness to the undeniable cultural phenomenon that BTS has become and the lasting impact the group has had on the city’s identity. The displays in Seoul are a testament to the power of music and the bond between BTS and their devoted ARMY.

Featured Image: BTS Official Twitter