On February 7, several South Korean media outlets reported that Felix of the K-pop boy group Stray Kids was spotted doing volunteer work in Laos during his Lunar New Year vacation. 

To recall, Felix was named as the youngest member of the esteemed UNICEF’s Honors Club in January 2024. At the time, the organization revealed that the K-pop idol made a generous donation of 100 Million Won to UNICEF. Moreover, the said amount was used to assist the underprivileged children in Laos.

In a statement released through the Korean Committee, the rapper said that his hope is for the children of Laos to grow up healthy and thrive in a safer environment.

After the news of his philanthropic act, Felix shared about his heartwarming experience to the fans through his Bubble account. 

“I got to know Laos well. The people are so kind and the country is beautiful”, the Stray Kids member wrote. “It’s really my happiness to be next to the kids and [be able to] help them,” he added.

In his interview for Harper’s Bazaar Japan, Felix also talked about his donation and volunteer work. According to the idol, since he received a lot of love from his fans and the people around him, he also wanted to return that love through his charitable activities.

Fans share how proud they are of Felix

Knowing that the singer went beyond his means and spent his holidays volunteering, his fans, especially Stray Kids’ fanbase, STAYs, can’t help but feel extremely proud of their idol.

On social media, fans showered the SKZ member with positive remarks and called him an “angel.”  Several STAYs also praised Felix for having such a warm heart and a kind soul.


Other fans also shared that their idol’s act of kindness encouraged them to do the same. “I’m definitely proud and inspired. I want to help as many people as I can too,” a netizen wrote.


Before this recent incident, Felix has been recognized for his constant philanthropic gestures. In the previous years, he has made headlines for making several donations for different causes and campaigns. Moreover, Felix was also recognized as part of the Save the Children’s Honors Club in 2023. 

Featured image: Felix performing during Stray Kids’ concert. Credit: Facebook/Stray Kids