Save the date, Reveluvs! Wendy will be returning with new music soon!

On Monday, February 19, K-pop girl group Red Velvet announced through their official social media accounts that member Wendy will be making her first solo comeback with the mini album Wish You Hell.

With this, the vocalist is making her return as a soloist after almost three years. In April 2021, Wendy released her first mini album Like Water

To recall, said album drew numerous for Wendy’s excellent singing abilities. As such, it topped the iTunes Top Album Chart in 33 regions around the world. In addition, the title track “Like Water also won the “Best Ballad” award at the 31st Seoul Music Awards.

Furthermore, SM Entertainment revealed that Wish You Hell will contain a total of 6 tracks including the title song of the same name. As per the agency, the album will showcase Wendy’s colorful music.

Fans excited for new album from Wendy 

Following the announcement, Red Velvet’s fanbase, Reveluvs, expressed their excitement on social media by trending the hashtag #SoloistWendyComeback.

“We are finally getting a new message from [Wendy]. I am so excited!” one fan wrote. Another mentioned that the “When This Rain Stopssinger is about to save the music industry with her six new songs.

Some Reveluvs also applauded the Red Velvet member’s  wide range with her album titles alone. One said that “Like Water and Wish You Hell already shows the “duality” of Son Seungwan, the singer’s real name. 

To note, Wish You Hell, her second mini-album will officially be out on March 12. Additional details about it, however, are yet to be released.

In other news, Wendy currently acts as a judge in MNET’s ongoing survival show Build Up: Vocal Boy Group Survivor. In that variety show, she judges alongside fellow renowned vocalists Solar of MAMAMOO, Eunkwang of BtoB, soloists Baekho and Kim Jaehwan, and singer-songwriter Lee Seok Hoon. Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN’s main vocal, Seungkwan, also appeared as a special judge in one of its episodes.

Featured image: Wendy in the concept photos of Red Velvet’s ‘Chill Kill.’ Credit: Twitter/Red Velvet