Super Junior’s vocal powerhouse trio—Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung—has continuously blessed our ears with their different, yet harmonious vocals as Super Junior–K.R.Y. for the past 15 years. They made their official TV debut on the November 5, 2006 broadcast of KBS’s Music Bank, where they performed The One I Love. They have since made several official soundtrack (OST) appearances, such as Stop Walking By from the 2006 SBS drama Snow Flower. More recently, they sang Shadow of You from the OST of the 2021 KBS drama The King’s Affection.

They have also launched successful solo careers. Maknae Kyuhyun was the first to debut with At Gwanghamun in November 2014. Ryeowook followed suit in January 2016 with The Little Prince. Finally, Yesung released his first solo mini-album, Here I Am, in April 2016.

To celebrate 15 years of Super Junior–K.R.Y., here are 15 of their sub-unit and solo songs that will make you fall in love, warm your heart, and soothe your heartache.

1. Super Junior–K.R.Y.: The One I Love (2006)

A very young Yesung, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun sang The One I Love from the K-drama Hyena in 2006. Even from this first sub-unit song, their voices were already so full of emotion.

2. Super Junior–K.R.Y.: The Night Chicago Died (2006)

The trio released another OST single for Hyena, The Night Chicago Died. This song was a Korean-language cover of a 1974 British pop song. The song’s title and melody were the same, but the Korean version had completely different lyrics.

3. Ryeowook: One Fine Spring Day (2010)

Ryeowook’s sweet vocals were on the spotlight in One Fine Spring Day, his solo song from Super Junior’s 4th album Bonamana. SJ’s eternal maknae sang about missing someone as he watched flowers bloom in spring.

4. Yesung: It Has to be You (2010)

Yesung’s distinct voice and husky tone took center stage in It Has to be You, his solo song from the K-drama Cinderella’s Sister.

5. Super Junior–K.R.Y.: Fly (2011)

Fly is probably the only Super Junior–K.R.Y. song that doesn’t bring listeners to tears. The trio recorded this single for the South Korean audition show Superstar K3; the track served as the theme song for the season.

6. Kyuhyun: At Gwanghamun (2014)

Kyuhyun was the first Super Junior member to officially have a solo debut. This sentimental ballad has a soothing melody that makes it very easy on the ears. The lyrics, though, are a bit heart-wrenching, which was further emphasized by Kyuhyun’s emotional singing.

7. Super Junior–K.R.Y.: We Can (2015)

Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung sang about getting through the good times and the bad together, as well as their hopes for the future in this moving ballad. The song was part of Super Junior’s 10th anniversary special album, Devil.

8. Super Junior–K.R.Y.: Dorothy (2015)

Dorothy is a soft, emotional ballad about yearning for a lover to return. The sub-unit recorded this song for the group’s Magic album (Devil repackage).

9. Ryeowook: The Little Prince (2016)

Ryeowook made his solo debut in 2016 with The Little Prince. The song’s lyrics tell the story of a heartsick man in conversation with the Little Prince (yes, that Little Prince from the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry novel).

10. Kyuhyun: Still (2016)

Kyuhyun’s vocals have this uncanny ability to make people feel things. He sang about a lost love in Still, from his third EP Waiting, Still, which was released before his enlistment. His sadness was so palpable in the song, that you can’t help but want to go to South Korea and give him a long, reassuring hug.

11. Yesung: Pink Magic (2019)

Pink Magic marked a departure from Yesung’s usually melancholic songs. In the song, Yesung sang about love and seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses. The single was from his third mini-album of the same name, and is a bright, bubbly song with hints of retro. This song would be a nice addition to your playlist on your next summer road trip.

12. Super Junior–K.R.Y.: When We Were Us (2020)

Mention Super Junior–K.R.Y. and everyone’s first thought would be “beautiful ballads,” and When We Were Us is another lovely track to add to the sub-unit’s long list of mellow songs. This was the lead single off the trio’s first Korean mini-album (!) after 15 years as a sub-unit. The song is about longing for a past lover, and reminiscing about happier days. It’s a ballad track fans have come to expect from the trio, but is still a gorgeous song that shows off their powerful vocal chops.

13. Super Junior–K.R.Y.: Traveler (2020)

After releasing their debut Korean mini-album, the sub-unit made a Japanese comeback with Traveler. It’s a refreshing song that’s perfect for sunny days with a dash of light rain.

14. Yesung: Beautiful Night (2021)

Yesung continues to draw inspiration from retro as seen in his fourth mini-album Beautiful Night. The lead single, which shares the same name as the album, has an 80s city pop vibe—light and soothing, perfect for easy listening.

15. Kyuhyun: Love Story (2022)

Love Story is the final song from Kyuhyun’s four seasons project series, and the lead single of his latest mini-album of the same name. The song expresses the emotions of someone longing for an old lover, with a melody that matches well with fall and winter.

What is your favorite song from Super Junior–K.R.Y.?

Featured image: Super Junior sub-unit Super Junior K.R.Y. performs When We Were US on SBS Inkigayo. Photo: KOCOWA TV/YouTube.