Just six months after BTS’s V delighted fans with his debut solo album Layover, the “Slow Dancing” singer is preparing to release a new digital single titled “FRI(END)S.” V and his agency, BigHit Music, teased the track on social media before formally announcing it on March 3. They revealed not only the song’s title but also its release date of March 15 at 1:00 PM KST.

“FRI(END)S” combines elements of pop, R&B, and soul. It offers a relatable and witty take on romance. According to a press release from BigHit Music, “V’s digital single ‘FRI(END)S’ is a sweet ‘confession song’ that complements the pink spring. It starts off warmly like buds sprouting on a spring day and gradually intensifies with the flow of emotions.”

Fans can’t wait for the full version of the song

BigHit Music released the first teaser of “FRI(END)S” on BTS’s official SNS at 12:00 MN KST on March 10. The 35-second clip shows V grabbing leftover takeout from the fridge and eating it alone. It then cuts to a chaotic scene at a movie theater and another where V is all alone in a crowded diner, surrounded by happy couples. As the video consists of scenes from the “FRI(END)S” music video, it also includes a snippet of the song that plays towards the end of the video. The sweet melody, combined with V’s enchanting falsetto, leaves a deep impression. It heightens anticipation for the story V will tell with the full version of the song.

Both sets of concept photos released show V striking various poses all by himself. Fans can view the full set of concept photos on BTS’s Instagram. BigHit Music has promised more to come. This includes a “flash video” that captures the single’s overall mood. It’s scheduled for release on March 11 and will be followed by another music video teaser on March 12.

The song is written entirely in English

Adding to the anticipation, Riley McDonough, known for co-writing Joji’s “Glimpse of Us,” contributed to the lyrics of “FRI(END)S,” which are written entirely in English. The songwriter revealed his involvement in V’s upcoming release through his Instagram Stories. He even tagged the BTS member’s personal account. Connor McDonough, Riley’s older brother (and frequent collaborator), spread the word further by reposting his brother’s story on his own Instagram account.

Riley’s musical journey has evolved significantly over the years. Initially gaining recognition with the pop band Before You Exit, he has since focused on collaborating with different artists. His achievements underscore his knack for creating hits. “Glimpse of Us,” for example, not only hit No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. It also dominated the Global and US Spotify charts. Riley’s songwriting resume includes contributions to tracks like “Cold As Ice” by Ava Max, “Go Down Together” by Dove Cameron and Khalid, “Red Flags” by Mimi Webb, and “Wonder Woman” by John Legend. His involvement in “FRI(END)S” suggests that V’s new single will benefit from Riley’s proven talent for crafting compelling music.

V hinted at the release of ‘FRI(END)S’

In September 2023, V released Layover, featuring singles such as “Love Me Again,” “Rainy Days,” and “Slow Dancing.” With all seven BTS members having joined the South Korean military, the group is expected to be on hiatus until 2025.

Before beginning his service, V hinted that fans can expect more content from him even as he serves in the 2nd Corps of the Republic of Korea (ROK) Army. “Within 18 months, I’ve prepared a lot of things. Please look forward to it,” V wrote in December 2023. “I’ll really miss you. I love you so much.” – K-Pop Life

Featured Image: We’ll know for sure what the song is about in a few days. Source: X/@BIGHIT_MUSIC.