Get ready for a major return as BABYMONSTER prepares for a comeback with full album! In addition to that, YG Entertainment revealed plans for TREASURE’s future.

YG Entertainment Announces BABYMONSTER Comeback with Full Album

On May 20 at midnight KST, YG Entertainment thrilled fans with a special announcement video featuring founder Yang Hyun Suk, who outlined the company’s exciting plans for BABYMONSTER’s upcoming activities.

Yang Hyun Suk began by announcing that BABYMONSTER would be unveiling a performance video for their recent B-side track “LIKE THAT,” a song composed by the renowned Charlie Puth. The performance video is set to be released within the month, giving fans a fresh taste of the group’s dynamic capabilities and setting the stage for their larger comeback.

The highlight of the announcement was the reveal of BABYMONSTER’s plan to release a full-length album around October. Although Yang Hyun Suk mentioned October in the video, the English subtitles intriguingly translated his statement to “either September or October,” leaving some room for speculation and anticipation. The album will be BABYMONSTER’s first full-length project, marking a significant milestone in their career and promising a comprehensive showcase of their musical range and growth.

Before the full album drops, BABYMONSTER will tease fans with a pre-release single from the upcoming album in early July. The strategy aims to build excitement and maintain momentum leading up to the album’s release. The pre-release single will give fans an early taste of the new music and set the tone for what to expect from the full album.

YG Entertainment Reveals Plans for TREASURE

Yang Hyun Suk didn’t stop there. He also touched on the plans for TREASURE, another popular group under YG Entertainment. TREASURE is set to return with a new song titled “KING KONG,” scheduled for release on May 28. This will be followed by a new album from TREASURE in the fall, though specific dates were not disclosed. The lineup of releases highlights YG Entertainment’s commitment to keeping their roster active and their fans engaged with a steady stream of new content.

The announcements have generated considerable buzz and excitement among fans, eager to see what BABYMONSTER and TREASURE have in store. BABYMONSTER’s forthcoming projects, particularly their first full-length album, are highly anticipated, and fans are looking forward to the new music and performances that will further establish their place in the K-pop industry.

Overall, YG Entertainment’s strategic planning for BABYMONSTER’s comeback and TREASURE’s upcoming releases underscores their dedication to their artists’ growth and their fans’ satisfaction. With new music and significant projects on the horizon, both groups are also poised to make substantial impacts in the coming months.