TREASURE is gearing up for an electrifying comeback date with their new track “KING KONG,” as they released the official credit poster, detailing the creative minds behind the song.

TREASURE Drops ‘KING KONG’ Credit Poster, Confirms Comeback Date

According to the credit poster, “KING KONG” is a collaborative masterpiece composed by an impressive team: AIRPLAY, Illjun, Ludwig Lindell, Daniel Caesar, Sandra Wikstrom, and Jared Lee. The lyrics, a crucial element of the track, were crafted by a diverse group of talents, including TREASURE’s very own Choi Hyun Suk, Ludwig Lindell, Daniel Caesar, Sandra Wikstrom, Jared Lee, AIRPLAY, YOSHI, Sonny, Choice37, and Lil G.

The anticipation for TREASURE’s comeback has been building throughout the week, with the group teasing fans with hints and previews. On May 14 at midnight KST, TREASURE heightened the excitement by dropping a short comeback spoiler video. The teaser, filled with high-energy visuals and a glimpse of the group’s dynamic performance style, left fans eagerly awaiting further details. The suspense was finally lifted when it was confirmed that TREASURE will make their official return on May 28 at 6 p.m. KST.

A Long Anticipated Comeback

The upcoming release of “KING KONG” marks a significant moment for TREASURE and their fans, known as TREASURE MAKERs. The group has been meticulously preparing for this comeback, aiming to deliver a powerful and memorable performance. “KING KONG” is expected to showcase TREASURE’s growth as artists, both in terms of musical sophistication and stage presence.

The extensive list of contributors to “KING KONG” highlights the collaborative effort involved in producing a song that resonates with a global audience. Choi Hyun Suk’s involvement in the songwriting process reflects TREASURE’s commitment to bringing personal and authentic stories to their music. The inclusion of renowned composers and lyricists such as Ludwig Lindell, Daniel Caesar, Sandra Wikstrom, and Jared Lee ensures that “KING KONG” will be a high-quality production, blending various musical influences and styles.

TREASURE‘s consistent engagement with their fanbase through teasers and updates has created a buzz that is palpable across social media platforms. The release of “KING KONG” on May 28 is not just a comeback but also a celebration of TREASURE’s journey and their continuous rise in the K-pop industry. Fans can expect a spectacular showcase of the group’s talents and a track that will likely become a staple in their discography.

As the countdown to May 28 continues, TREASURE MAKERs around the world are preparing to support the group, ensuring that “KING KONG” also receives the recognition and success it deserves. TREASURE’s return is also poised to be one of the standout events in K-pop this year, promising a thrilling and unforgettable experience for all.