Ningning just landed a major endorsement. The youngest aespa member has just been confirmed as the new Versace global ambassador!

Ningning is the Latest Versace Global Ambassador

On February 8, aespa’s Ningning achieved a significant milestone in her career by joining the esteemed ranks of global ambassadors for the iconic Italian luxury brand Versace. The announcement, made by none other than Donatella Versace herself, underscored Ningning’s remarkable talent, vision, and undeniable charm.

Donatella Versace expressed her excitement about welcoming Ningning into the Versace family, highlighting not only her exceptional talent but also her innate sense of style and confidence. Ningning’s appointment as a Global Brand Ambassador marks a significant achievement for the aespa member, signaling her emergence as a fashion icon with global appeal.

For Ningning, this partnership with Versace represents her first solo collaboration with a luxury fashion brand, following aespa’s previous group ambassadorship with the renowned French fashion house, Givenchy. The distinction of being chosen as a global ambassador underscores Ningning’s growing influence and standing in the world of fashion and entertainment.

aespa’s Solo Endorsements

In addition to Ningning’s partnership with Versace, another member of aespa, Karina, has also made waves in the fashion industry. Karina was recently announced as the newest ambassador for Converse Korea, adding another prestigious brand to her portfolio. The announcement comes as Converse Korea unveiled Karina as the face of their spring campaign, aptly themed “Create Next, Nothing’s Wrong.”

The choice of Karina as the ambassador for Converse Korea’s spring campaign reflects the brand’s commitment to empowering the younger generation and fostering creativity and self-expression. Karina’s involvement in the campaign is expected to resonate strongly with Converse’s target audience, delivering a message of encouragement and support to inspire the next generation of innovators and trendsetters.

Overall, Ningning and Karina’s respective partnerships with Versace and Converse Korea underscore aespa’s growing influence and global appeal beyond the realm of music. As the group continues to captivate audiences worldwide with their talent and creativity, their individual achievements in the fashion industry also serve as a testament to their versatility and status as rising stars in the world of entertainment.