BLACKPINK’s Lisa has kept fans eagerly awaiting news of her next move since the BLACKPINK members announced that they will be handling their solo promotions. Despite the silence surrounding her plans, Lisa has remained busy with various projects, including television appearances, magazine covers, and collaborations with prominent brands. Now, Lalisa has officially launched her own artist management company!

Lisa of BLACKPINK Announces Solo Artist Management Company

On February 7, Lisa took to her social media platforms to tease a forthcoming announcement, sparking speculation among fans about what she had in store. With her signature style and enigmatic aura, fans speculated whether she would be dropping a new single, releasing an album, or even launching her own makeup line.

The following day, on February 8, Lisa finally unveiled her next venture. Sharing a captivating photo of herself on Instagram, Lisa announced the launch of her new company, LLOUD, with the cryptic caption “LLOUD” and links to the company’s social media accounts.

Through a detailed description on Instagram and a newly launched website, Lisa revealed that LLOUD was an artist management company aimed at showcasing her vision in music and entertainment. As the sole artist listed on the company’s roster at the moment, Lisa emphasized her commitment to starting anew and building a platform to support her artistic endeavors.

With the establishment of her own company, Lisa joins fellow BLACKPINK member Jennie in pursuing entrepreneurial ventures outside of the traditional entertainment industry. The move not only signifies a new chapter in Lisa’s career but also positions her as a trailblazer and “Girl Boss” in her own right.

As fans eagerly await further developments from LLOUD, there is palpable excitement surrounding the potential for Lisa to sign and nurture other artists under her wing. With her undeniable talent, charisma, and entrepreneurial spirit, Lisa’s journey as CEO of LLOUD promises to be one filled with creativity, innovation, and success.