BLACKPINK’s Jennie celebrated the launch of her very own label with a chic and trendy welcome party. The ODDATELIER launch party drew attendance from representatives of global commercial brands. The event showcased Jennie’s entrepreneurial spirit and creativity, leaving attendees and fans impressed.

Jennie Hosts Lavish ODDATELIER Launch Party for Her Label

The gathering, attended by representatives from renowned brands like ‘Chanel,’ ‘Adidas,’ ‘Tamburins,’ ‘Gentle Monster,’ and more, became a platform for these brands to express their support for Jennie, referring to her as their favorite “muse.” The presence of such high-profile attendees highlighted the global recognition and influence that Jennie commands in the fashion and commercial industry.

Jennie’s ODDATELIER launch party was documented on social media, offering fans a glimpse into the luxurious and stylish affair. The venue featured a meticulously curated atmosphere, reflecting Jennie’s sophisticated taste. The food options were not only elegant but also in line with the overall aesthetic of the event.

One noteworthy element that added a playful touch to the party was a claw machine filled with adorable capybara dolls. Known for her affection for capybaras, Jennie has frequently shared her love for these creatures with fans. The inclusion of a capybara-themed claw machine at the party further solidified Jennie’s status as the ultimate capybara enthusiast among K-pop idols.

ODDATELIER: The Beginnings of a Promising New Label

Rumors about the creation of ODDATELIER had surfaced in November 2023, and a website linked to the speculated label appeared to confirm the news. However, due to a surge in visitor traffic following the rumors, the website became temporarily inaccessible. According to the available information, ODDATELIER, abbreviated as OA, is also envisioned as a space for creating novel and attention-grabbing content that deviates from conventional expectations. The label is reported to be founded by Jennie herself, highlighting her multifaceted role as both an artist and entrepreneur.

Jennie’s foray into establishing her label and hosting a successful launch party not only underscores her influence in the entertainment industry but also positions her as a prominent figure in the world of fashion and creativity. Fans eagerly anticipate the unique and groundbreaking content that ODDATELIER is also expected to deliver under Jennie’s creative direction.