EXO member Lay Zhang found himself at the center of rumors when reports surfaced claiming that he was spotted at a hotel with Chinese actress Zhao Lusi. However, the idol swiftly addressed the speculations, releasing a statement denying any romantic involvement with the actress.

Lay Zhang Denies Hotel Rumors with Chinese Actress Zhao Lusi

The rumors began on January 31, alleging that Lay Zhang and Zhao Lusi’s cars were parked at a hotel, and the two left the premises within a short time frame of 10 minutes.

Responding to the gossip, Lay Zhang’s statement refuted the claims, emphasizing that there is no truth to the speculation surrounding a hotel rendezvous with the Chinese actress.

“The dating allegations are rumors, and Lay is focused on his promotions. He has no plans of dating.” – Lay Zhang’s agency.

Lay Zhang, who debuted as a member of EXO in 2012, has been a prominent figure in the K-pop scene. While he departed from SM Entertainment in 2022, he remains a member of EXO. Last year, his TikTok activity further confirmed his ongoing connection with the group, particularly through the “The First Snow” challenge.

Participating in the TikTok challenge, Lay showcased his dance moves and added a personal touch by forming the iconic “E-X-O” with his hands. This engagement delighted fans, leading to a surge in streaming for “The First Snow,” resulting in a notable presence on the Melon Daily Chart. The trending of keywords such as “E-X-O,” “EXO Lay,” and “First Snow” on various social media platforms reinforced Lay’s continued involvement with and support for EXO.

Meanwhile, Chinese actress Zhao Lusi rose to fame with her debut in 2016 and gained widespread recognition through roles in popular Chinese dramas like “Who Rules The World,” “The Long Ballad,” and “Love Like The Galaxy.”

While the rumors caused a stir among fans, Lay Zhang’s prompt response has helped quell the speculations, allowing the focus to remain on his musical endeavors and continued engagement with the EXO community.