Amidst rumors circulating on December 23, speculation has arisen that BLACKPINK’s Jennie has taken a significant step in her career by establishing her personal label. Rumored to be named ODDATELIER, this would mark a noteworthy development in her artistic journey, suggesting a desire for greater creative control and autonomy.

Did BLACKPINK Member Jennie Establish Her Own Personal Label?

The alleged creation of ODDATELIER reportedly took place in November 2023, as indicated by a website linked to the rumored label. However, due to a surge in visitor traffic following the rumors, the website is currently inaccessible. The information available on the site suggests that ODDATELIER, abbreviated as OA, is envisioned as “a space for creating novel and attention-grabbing content that deviates from conventional expectations”. The label is said to be founded by Jennie herself, emphasizing her role as both an artist and entrepreneur.

While BLACKPINK, including Jennie, recently renewed their contract with YG Entertainment for group activities, the details regarding her solo endeavors had not been officially disclosed. The emergence of rumors about ODDATELIER adds an intriguing layer to Jennie’s career trajectory, hinting at potential solo projects and an avenue for expressing her distinct artistic vision.

Despite the circulating rumors, neither Jennie nor official sources have confirmed the establishment of ODDATELIER. The lack of official confirmation has left fans eagerly anticipating an official statement from the artist or her management team.

If the rumors are accurate, Jennie’s move to establish a personal label aligns with a broader trend within the K-pop industry, where artists seek greater control over their creative direction and explore diverse ventures beyond their group affiliations. Establishing a personal label can also provide artists with a platform to experiment with their artistic expression, collaborate with other creatives, and venture into unique projects that may not fit within the conventional structures of major entertainment companies.

As fans await official confirmation or statements from Jennie and her team, the speculation surrounding ODDATELIER has also generated considerable excitement and curiosity about what new and innovative endeavors Jennie may embark upon under her own creative banner.