BLACKPINK’s Lisa delighted fans by certifying her encounter with global pop icon Rihanna through a series of photos shared on her social media accounts. The post, which included various snapshots from an event, showcased Lisa and Rihanna exuding style and charm as they posed together.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Confirms Meeting with Rihanna at Event

In the shared images, Lisa wore an elegant ivory-toned ensemble, accentuated by a vibrant red mini bag, while Rihanna showcased her chic allure in an all-black outfit. The duo appeared to share a warm moment, capturing the attention and excitement of fans globally.

The significant meeting occurred at an event associated with Lisa’s recent participation in the ‘Yellow Coin Concert.’ Held in Paris, France, the charity concert featured a star-studded lineup, including Lisa, alongside notable artists such as Stray Kids, Jay Balvin, Maroon 5, and Pharrell Williams. Lisa’s involvement in international events reflects her growing influence and prominence on the global stage.

In addition to her successful solo activities, Lisa’s connection with Rihanna further solidifies her status as a recognized figure not only in the K-pop industry but also within the broader entertainment world. The photos resonated with fans, sparking conversations and admiration for the meeting between these two influential artists.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment has recently provided clarity on the contractual arrangements for BLACKPINK members. While the members collectively renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment for group activities, the agency emphasized that the agreement pertains specifically to joint promotions as BLACKPINK. This announcement addresses any potential misconceptions regarding individual endeavors and ensures that BLACKPINK will continue their journey together under the exclusive representation of YG Entertainment.

BLACKPINK posing for a photo from their ‘Shut Down’ promotions. Credit: Facebook/BLACKPINK

As Lisa continues to make strides in her solo career and engages with global icons like Rihanna, fans eagerly anticipate further developments and collaborative projects that showcase the collective and individual talents of BLACKPINK members.