BTOB, the beloved South Korean boy group, is gearing up to treat fans with a delightful surprise—a new song set to be released in March. The news was initially reported by SPOTV News on January 29, stirring excitement among fans anticipating the full group comeback.

BTOB Announces Full Group Comeback With New Song and Fan Event

According to the report, BTOB’s upcoming release will not only mark a return to the music scene as a complete group but will also be accompanied by a series of fan events. The exact date for the song’s release is currently under discussion, adding an element of anticipation to the announcement.

In confirmation of the report, Changsub’s agency, FANTAGIO, stated, “BTOB will release a new song as a complete group in March. The exact date is undecided and is currently under discussion.” Additionally, the agency shared that the group is diligently preparing special events for their dedicated fanbase.

The full group comeback follows a significant period of transition for BTOB members. In November 2023, all six members bid farewell to their long-time agency CUBE Entertainment. Subsequently, Changsub took the next step in his career by signing an exclusive contract with FANTAGIO. The remaining members—Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Hyunsik, and Peniel—joined forces to sign exclusive contracts with a newly established company in December. Yook Sungjae, another integral member of BTOB, officially became part of IWill Media.

Despite their individual pursuits, the unwavering commitment of all six members to prioritize BTOB’s group activities has been a source of reassurance for fans. The announcement of a new group song not only signifies a musical reunion for BTOB but also reinforces their dedication to providing meaningful content and experiences for their loyal fan community.

As the anticipation builds for BTOB’s March comeback and the accompanying fan events, fans are eagerly looking forward to the next chapter in the group’s journey, filled with music, unity, and heartfelt moments.