YG Entertainment has officially confirmed that the BLACKPINK members will exclusively sign with the company for group activities and promotions, not individual endeavors.

YGE Finally Addresses BLACKPINK Members’ Individual Activities Status

The announcement clarifies the contractual arrangements for BLACKPINK members under YG Entertainment. While all four members renewed their contracts for group activities earlier in the year, the recent statement emphasizes that their affiliation with the company is specifically for collective promotions.

“We have recently signed a contract extension for BLACKPINK’s group activities,” the company’s statement read. “We have also come to the agreement that we will not proceed with a separate contract for their individual activities.”


The decision to sign only for group promotions reflects a strategic move by YG Entertainment to maintain a collaborative framework for BLACKPINK while accommodating individual aspirations within the group. This approach allows the members to pursue diverse projects while continuing to contribute to BLACKPINK’s collective success.

Jennie, a member of BLACKPINK, has already taken a significant step towards individual pursuits by establishing her personal label ODDATELIER. This move suggests a desire for greater creative control and autonomy in her artistic journey. The confirmation of BLACKPINK members signing exclusively for group activities aligns with industry trends where artists, particularly those from successful groups, seek to explore personal ventures and creative projects beyond the confines of group commitments.

The confirmation comes at a time when several K-pop artists are exploring individual ventures, establishing personal labels, and engaging in diverse creative pursuits beyond group activities. As artists seek greater agency and creative freedom, management companies adapt their contractual structures to align with evolving industry dynamics.

For BLACKPINK, this development suggests a balance between group unity and individual artistic expression, offering fans the prospect of diverse and engaging content both collectively and individually. As the members navigate their careers, the industry will keenly observe how this dynamic approach contributes to the continued success and evolution of BLACKPINK as a group and as individual artists.