Bae Suzy has taken on a lot of memorable roles but her new character in “Doona!” is the one that hits closest to home. Not surprisingly, the former Miss A member admitted that she has an emotional connection to Lee Doona in the upcoming Netflix series.

Bae Suzy Admits Emotional Connection With Lee Doona

In a new interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, Suzy discussed her new drama series “Doona!” which is set to premiere on Netflix later in October. Interestingly, the “Anna” actress pointed out her similarities with the character Lee Doona, admitting that she felt an emotional connection to the role.

“Our experiences differed, yet, I felt a deep understanding of Doona’s journey, which in many ways reignited memories of my early idol days,” Suzy said.

“In my early twenties, I didn’t have the chance to truly understand or express my pain like Doona,” she continued. “My emotions were bottled up, unlike Doona, who allows herself to experience her emotions fully, even when they’re painful. Doona also isn’t afraid to show her somewhat malicious side that intentionally speaks harsh words. Ironically, this side of her persona is what makes acting thrilling.”

But what if Suzy went through the same thing as Doona, choosing college life over her career? The “Vagabond” star jokingly stated that it would have been enjoyable.

“I think I would have lived quite well, enjoying life perhaps more than most,” she said.

“Doona!” is a romantic drama series based on a beloved webtoon with the same title. The story centers around the experiences of Lee Doona, a former idol as she encounters Lee Wonjun, a regular college student, in a shared living arrangement. Bae Suzy takes on the role of Doona while “Temperature of Love” actor Yang Sejong will portray Wonjun. The new series will premiere on Netflix on October 20, 2023.