Rosé has already established herself as a global superstar as a member of BLACKPINK and as a solo artist. So it’s no surprise that the “Gone” singer was chosen to be one of RIMOWA’s new global ambassadors. In a new campaign video for the brand, Roseanne Park reflects on what home means to her and it’s not what most people expect.

BLACKPINK Singer Rosé Reflects On What Home Means In New RIMOWA Campaign Video

On September 8, the renowned vocalist and fashion icon of BLACKPINK, Rosé, was introduced as the latest global ambassador for the prestigious luxury travel luggage brand, RIMOWA. This collaboration represents a seamless blend of style, opulence, and the spirit of exploration, echoing the unique individuality and worldwide influence embodied by both Rosé and the brand.

Following the initial buzz generated by this revelation, a carefully curated set of promotional visuals has been unveiled, culminating in a captivating campaign video that provides an intimate glimpse into Rosé’s interpretation of the concept of “Home.” This concept, much like her career, is fluid and ever-evolving.

Within the artistic framework of RIMOWA’s “Never Still” campaign, this video serves as a bridge between the campaign’s artistic essence and Rosé’s personal journey. She, as a multifaceted artist, constantly pushes the boundaries of artistry and self-expression.

As Rosé beautifully articulates in the campaign, home transcends mere physical space; it embodies a feeling, a connection, a collection of experiences, and a sense of familiarity that is forged through the eyes of a wanderer who carries fragments of her journeys within her. This collaboration not only showcases Rosé’s global appeal but also celebrates the essence of meaningful travel and the stories we accumulate along the way.

RIMOWA’s latest campaign also features athlete Lewis Hamilton and soccer prodigy Kylian Mbappé. All three celebrities received their own campaign video as part of the brand’s promotional releases.