Hwasa is officially a part of P Nation. Back in June, the MAMAMOO member confirmed that she is joining the agency founded by PSY. However, this wasn’t always the case as Ahn Hye-jin initially refused to join the company. Interestingly, Hwasa has revealed the reason why she reconsidered and agreed to join the label.

Hwasa Shares How PSY Convinced Her To Join P Nation

In a recent episode of “Radio Star” where she was a guest, Hwa Sa discussed the recent controversy during the U.S. leg of MAMAMOO’s “MY CON” world tour. The scandal over her “R-rated” performance at a university festival made her a target for negative attention. It was a difficult time for the idol who admitted, “I got so many hate comments, so I was a little down.”

At that point, Hwasa wasn’t expecting to hear from PSY after she had turned down his initial offer to join P Nation. However, she revealed that he still reached out to her during that rough time. Interestingly, it was a song that was intended to brighten her spirits.

I’d been so down, but the song lifted my spirits,” Hwasa admitted. “I didn’t know why I was so drawn to the song, but I thought, ‘This is great. I think this is what I needed for my next song.’

The song turned out to be a demo for “I Love My Body” and Hwasa’s wish did come true. She later changed her mind and joined P Nation after realizing she worked well with PSY.

“We clicked better than I expected. I thought I wouldn’t work well with him,” she admitted.

It’s certainly a good thing that Hwasa reconsidered her decision and chose to sign with the agency. Her latest release “I Love My Body” is a celebration of one own’s figure and accepting everything about it.